Inferior purifier easier to distinguish the authenticity and quality of polluted water

Inferior purifier easier to distinguish the authenticity and quality of polluted water

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Although the present water purifier industry for many years, but many consumers are still asking, so many water purifiers, which in the end only to use it for their own home? Consumers can go to a professional shop for sales, in addition concepts and can not just purchase price, to choose according to their own needs.

劣质净水器更容易污染水源 真假好坏要区分

phenomenon: water purification products varies greatly

Experts point out that in developed countries, household and similar water purifier penetration rate already exceeds 80 percent, a few years, production and sales of household water purifier China is also at a rate of nearly 50% per year, it can be said that in the next ten to twenty years, most of the family's daily life drinking water, primarily through water purification household and similar purposes is to achieve. Experts on the Road, due to problems of water quality, water treatment products in the future market prospects are very bright. However, it should be noted, household water purification products market was mixed, the coexistence of good and bad products, illegal production of fake and shoddy products and repeated, intense competition in the industry vicious, seriously affecting the reputation of the entire industry and healthy development. Only a small water processor (water purifiers for household and similar purposes) purposes, there are nearly 2,000 undocumented production and is not ready.

experts told reporters, the production of water purifiers must bid document health permits, after obtaining the approval documents, before production, sale and use. Undocumented produced shoddy water purifier, it is possible not only can not purify water, but water pollution, endangering the health of consumers.

According to function "condemnation."

so much water purifiers, which in the end only to use it for their own home? Consumers can go to a professional shop for sales, in addition to not just look at the time of purchase concept and price, to choose according to their own needs.

water softeners meet wash, brush your teeth, bathing and other daily needs. Dry hair, fragile; the skin is getting rough dim; the water when brushing your teeth feel there are shares of smell; yellow toilet bathtub fouling; washing clothes is not soft ...... These might be unhealthy water quality caused by hard water, soft water function effectively solve these problems. Water softener filter life of more than 15 years.

water filter satisfies boiling water, cooking, soup, vegetables and other needs. You can remove sediment, rust, heavy metals and other harmful substances, while retaining the beneficial minerals and trace elements needed by most of the human body, that is, the common market, coarse filter water purifier. Such water purifiers although the price is relatively low, but it is easy to filter clogging, 3-5 years need to replace the filter.

of pure water to meet the needs of drinkable. To open the tap can be directly consumed, this type of water purifier after straining, commonly used method of microfiltration and ultrafiltration to achieve straight drinking purposes, generally shorter cartridge life, the need to replace some months time.

household water purification products market was mixed, the coexistence of good and bad products, illegal production of fake and shoddy products and repeated, intense competition in the industry vicious situation will be improved. Chinese people (private) business Economic Research Association Secretary-General of the Commission and comfortable 100 water purification industry, said the national standard household water purification products --- "household and similar general requirements for drinking water treatment device" (hereinafter referred to as "Drinking Water Treatment Units") forthcoming, "no brand, no support, no after-sales service," the "three noes" products manufacturing enterprises will be eliminated.

later purifier five step

1, see the water purification process, function and water quality. Simple water purifier is often PP cotton + activated carbon, and some also add some cheap mineralization ball to flicker user, it can only meet the minimum water quality standards Ministry of Health specifications water purifier; there are water purification hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane water quality is slightly higher, but the water quality is still working towards minimum standards for assessment; nanofiltration membranes have a higher quality effluent water purification, effluent quality to achieve "drinking water quality"; there are water purifiers reverse osmosis membrane the highest water quality, effluent quality to achieve the highest standards of the Ministry of health specifications water purifier.

2, sanitation inspection document. Whether domestic or imported water purifiers, are required to check whether there is issued by the Ministry of Health of Health this document, this document is within the validity period, the contents of this document and its annexes whether the material is fully consistent with the actual process of water purification products. For claiming to be imported into the customs inspection of goods but also off single commodity inspection and certification.

3, see the manufacturing assembly process and appearance. Beautiful regular production of water purifiers form, fit rigorous, the appearance of bright color, smooth surface feel; and small workshops of product appearance and color gray, rough surface, corrosion, cracking, loose fitting, and even leaking.

4, see the quality of the material used. Different materials of the same material and parts, prices vary greatly, as is all new plastic materials or recycled materials; charcoal is coconut shell charcoal, husk carbon cheap coal or charcoal; stainless steel is 316L, 304 or 302? Quality and performance of the material not only determines the quality and performance of the water purifier, to some extent also determines the life and other advantages and disadvantages and the water purifier or parts water quality.

5, to see the factory and product brands. Factory to formal, professional, has a certain scale, the production have strict quality assurance system, have the necessary plant, production and testing equipment, strong technical force and good production environment, it is best to own all or the vast majority of production some parts, product quality testing and stand the test of time, to get users. Most enterprises are small water purifier, plant and poorly equipped, no technology, just buy a variety of parts for assembly, assembly plant and some even do not, go to other factory OEM production, product quality and can not control Guarantee. So try to buy the regular production of famous brand products.

Further reading

standard classification of household water purification products

Household water purification water purification products due to different principles and methods, types of complex, product names also varied, "Drinking water treatment plant, "it's explicitly classified.

DWTU by main function into water: Usually purifier --- DWTU improve sensory properties of the water and general chemical indicators; water softener (control) capable --- DWTU provide soft water; pure water (control) --- DWTU provide pure drinking water; mineralized water machine (device) having --- DWTU mineralization; electrolytic water DWTU machine --- provide acidic water and alkaline water by electrolysis; disinfection of drinking water purifier processing apparatus (device) having a sterilizing function ---; other water purifier (filter) except --- DWTU than the above types.

by using DWTU type generally divided into: a dedicated drinking water purifier --- DWTU used in the dispenser package; tap water purifier of formula (is) directly mounted --- drinking water treatment apparatus for use on a tap; vertical water purifier station (device) --- DWTU typically placed on a table or floor use; wall-mounted water purifier (filter) is generally --- drinking water treatment apparatus for use on a wall hanging; pipeline water purifier (filter) --- DWTU typically used as part of a water supply pipe; portable water purifier (Device) --- facilitate DWTU portable use; DWTU ride type water purifier (control) --- loaded on vehicles (boats, aircraft) movable used; central water purifier (control) --- water is generally used as the central processing unit to provide users with desired quality drinking water.

divided by the water supply: Continuous --- connected to a water processing apparatus capable of automatically continuous supply of potable water; discontinuous --- DWTU requires manually adding water.