-Hunan Blue- has become the new norm Changsha water quality to achieve -three 100%-

-Hunan Blue- has become the new norm Changsha water quality to achieve -three 100%-

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near the end of the year, frequently struck fog and haze, air quality has become a hot topic of everyone's attention again. Many eyes open in the morning, first thing is to open the phone to view the air condition. Overall how to Hunan this year's air quality? From the province's 14 cities and prefectures of view, "Hunan blue" has become the new norm. "Hunan blue" continuously appear this year is no accident, in order to "date" blue sky, save me enough strength. Looking at the blue sky, fresh air, a lot of people feel the Hunan gratifying changes in the environment occur.


"Hunan Blue" has become the new norm Changsha water quality to achieve "three 100%" (Photo from Internet)

[silhouette] life "Hunan blue "people feel good

orange Isle, Yuelu mountain, Plum Creek lake ...... No matter where you are, just stop looking, pleasant to the eye to the blue sky.

Tommy photographers in Changsha lived 20 years, a lot of photos saved on the camera, "Hunan blue", but also feel the passage of time changes in the city. "I remember a few years ago, have occurred 'haze Lock City', for we are very worried about Changsha atmospheric conditions, also raised a lot of questions." Tommy said.

Over the years, the pace of the province to control air never stop, as time goes on, "Hunan Blue" proved to be the best air quality management.

"I looked up every day you can see the blue sky, you can still see the stars at night, people really feel good." Tommy exclaimed.

[action] sector governance haze effect is obvious, the air quality of super-Qi Cheng

"Changsha blue", "Hunan blue" appears, is no accident. May 3, 2016, the General Office of the provincial government announced the "Prevention of Air Pollution in Hunan Province special action program (2016-2017 years)," clearly put forward by two years of efforts, the province's environmental air quality compliance rate steady improvement, heavy polluting Weather rate of decline. By the end of 2016, the province's 14 cities and the state capital city PM2.5年均浓度比 2015 fell more than 3%, PM10年均浓度比 2012 declined more than 8%.

autumn season is the high incidence of haze. December 10, Tan Area weather emergency start heavy pollution prevention and control emergency response, started "haze sniper war." Requirements in emergency responseThe former should be lifted, the three cities of iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials industry enterprises and some chemical companies, to suspend, prohibit the city earthwork operations and sediment transport, ban open-air barbecue, burning straw and rubbish, and adopt measures to limit motor vehicle. Changsha City law enforcement officers were deployed 400 times, check the gas-related industrial enterprises 80, found violations of the law involving gas construction projects and more than 60 companies.

industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust is considered the city "pollution killer", also contributed to haze days of the culprit. By 2016, the province will no longer approve the iron and steel, cement and other industries with excess production capacity severely new capacity projects, Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan City no longer approve coking, non-ferrous smelting, ferroalloy high-polluting industry production capacity project; 2016, the province out of yellow cars and old cars 130,000; for all types involving gas, dust environmental law enforcement frequently dispatched.

treatment effect for all to see. A series of combination punches, the success of the public to watch this year and more particularly the blue sky. 1 to 10 months, the average fine days the province's 14 cities and prefectures in the city ratio of 84.6%, up 7.7% over last year; as of December 12, excellent air quality days in Changsha is 255 days, the fine rate was 73.7%, compared same period last year increased by 4 days, the fine rate increased by 0.9 percentage points, heavy pollution weather three days, reducing nine days a year earlier. The city this year, whether it is from all aspects of air quality days, the duration of air pollution are better than a year ago.

continued to improve air quality for our people "see the mountains, could see the water, remember nostalgia."

[silhouette] living memory of the beautiful Xiangjiang back

this year, 76-year-old Wu is a native of Changsha dad who lived all her life in the Floats. "I remember a few years ago, also separated by a road, I will be able to follow the river rumors to an odor." Wu dad came to the riverside with taste, saw a few positive outfall to discharge the Xiangjiang River to take white foam black sewage outfall near a large river have become turbid. That kind of situation made him very sad.

because Hunan Province is a famous hometown of metal and non-metal, in the process of economic development, involving heavy metal pollution emissions from industry have more than 10, Xiangjiang River water environment situation is bleak, once the heavy metal pollution incidents, history the remaining issues outstanding.

In recent years, the provincial government continue to increase investment in the Xiangjiang River, Xiangjiang governance will be included in the provincial government first document, not only the water more clear, more and more scenery on both sides of the United States.

Wu dad said that now the Xiangjiang River water is not only abundant water and very clear, more and more fish in the water, the memory of the beautiful Xiangjiang back.

[department] action to achieve water quality compliance rate of 100%

let Xiangjiang regain its past boundless expanse of blue, is welcomed by all. September 2013, the provincial government would Xiangjiang protection and governance as "One key projects" and decided from 2013 to 2021, the implementation of three consecutive "three-year action plan."

In April this year, the province introduced the "Hunan Xiangjiang protection and management of the second" three-year action plan "(2016-2018 years) Implementation Plan" clearly put forward the second "three-year action plan" adhere to the "rule" and "tune" the principle of simultaneous system to promote water pollution control, water management and water ecology protection. With "One key project" as a breakthrough, the flood control and watershed conservation, forest governance, rule field, the rule lake combine efforts to promote the "Four Rivers" collaborative governance, "Wild World" protection linkage. 2016 was the first year of the second "three-year action plan", the work in an orderly, 2016 annual implementation plan layout of the 654 projects.

Xiangjiang River water quality has significantly changed for the better is not only an environmental protection department of foreign propaganda, their confidence from the actual data. According to monitoring, Changsha Xiangjiang River water environmental quality improved significantly this year. From January to November, Changsha water quality of the environment to achieve "three 100%": Changsha Local Taxation above the level of centralized drinking water source to water quality compliance rate of 100%; Xiangjiang River water quality rate of 100%; Changsha City exit section of the water quality compliance rate 100%.

[silhouette] life for the protection of water sources, the relevant units were closed down

Recently, the once crowded Yiyang City Women and Children Hospital are good harmony ordered to stop. December 9, Provincial Environmental Inspectorate inspectors came to the hospital, inspectors found that hospital sewage facilities in the solenoid valve damage. Although there is no direct hospital sewage water phenomenon, but according to "drinking water source protection area of ??pollution prevention and control regulations" under Article 12.3 "protection zone is prohibited new construction, expansion and protection of water sources and water supply facilities related to construction projects," the 9th afternoon, Inspectorate inspectors issued orders to the hospital. 11th, Inspectorate ordered the hospital closed down Relocation.

relentless pursuit of environmental protection, in 2016 in Hunan people truly understand the environmental inspectors.

[action] departments thorough investigation of illegal sewage

August 7 this year, the provincial government issued regulations "Hunan Environmental Protection Inspector program (Trial)", the decision to choose each year 2-3 prefectures, around five key counties on behalf of the provincial government to carry out environmental inspectors, carry out end of this year in a city of the state, the province fully open next year.

December 1, the Provincial Environmental Protection Inspectorate stationed in Yiyang City. This is the first province to the provincial environmental inspectors, carried out on behalf of the provincial government. Two weeks ago, environmental inspectors the real thing, promote the settlement of Yiyang City, a group of prominent environmental problems. December 15, due to illegal sewage, Hunan Lin Yuan Paper Co., Ltd. illegal sewage was fined 2.41 million yuan, this is since the new revision of "environmental law" after the implementation of the largest Yiyang out a green ticket.

although only stationed in Yiyang just 20 days, but the intensity of the environmental inspectors can be described as unprecedented. 3 days shut down 101 clay courts, ordered to suspend business closed 123 enterprises, limited production cut-off regulation 54, sequestration 4 cases, criminal cases transferred from the detention 3 ...... "report card" sufficient to show commitment to pollution control. By checking the matter, observing people, fine, accountability, etc., continue to conduct environmental pressures, Hunan people expected, "with teeth enforcement" become a reality. (Source: HC purification network)