Clean water source allegedly infringing patents looming water purifier market risk

Clean water source allegedly infringing patents looming water purifier market risk

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a seemingly small patent disputes, it has opened a tip of the iceberg water industry patent chaotic phase.

Recently, broke the news received, water purification industry leaders Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as clean water sources) due to water purifiers patent issues being sued. The plaintiff Beijing love Miao Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as love Miao Electronics), said clean water source against a love Miao Electronics utility model patents, and a claim 800,000 yuan. The clean water source denied the patent infringement aspect, this event is considered "small companies took the opportunity to hype."

According to the reporter, the case has been in the third Beijing Intermediate People's Court filing, love Miao Electronics was this year May 13 to pay the legal fees, the case will be held July 1 hearing.

In fact, the water industry patent disputes are not uncommon, the case is once again thrown the patent issues before the public sector, and it is increasingly competitive patent dispute behind the water purification market.

Both sides had sought cooperation

aspects of love Miao Electronics, said the allegedly infringing source of clean water is a model for the pure water, water purification machines R800H13 of integration, love Miao Electronics patent infringement No. 2007201756219 wastewater reflow technology. Reporters in China patent search system retrieves display, patent No. 2007201756219 "no waste water reverse osmosis membrane water purifier" love Miao Electronics patent applications in 2007, in 2008 was approved on July 17 the same year, August 6 announcement.

love Miao Electronics evidence provided, the spring of 2011, the clean water source water purification owned subsidiary of Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd. The two executives love to visit Miao Electronics production workshop, and then purchased two Model no waste water discharge reverse osmosis water purification technology, water dispensers WJ-180, the two sides have maintained communication and contacts, and seek cooperation.

Liang Hui, general manager of Beijing Origin Water purification technology company said the visit, the purchase is the case.

problems in 2012. Love Miao Electronics general manager Zhang Yuesheng told reporters in 2012 found that online use of the technology in similar water purifier sales. May 2013, love Miao Electronics appoint a third party in the clean water source online flagship store to purchase a model of pure water, water purification machines R800H13 integration, manufacturers of the product is the company's clean water source. Identification of purchaseAfter the product is a real machine, love Miao Electronics believes that the products infringed on its patent number 2007201756219.

"Love Miao there is sufficient evidence that the clean water source is indeed a violation of its wastewater reflow technology patents, can be seen from the diagram and instructions for use." Zhang Yuesheng said it hopes the clean water source public apology and compensation for infringement losses.

clean water source company secretaries He is willing Ping said in an interview, whether the infringement issue, "Now do not make judgment, pending before the court, (if the court found infringement) clean water source will be recognized. Now take legal proceedings, the company will there are appropriate people to deal with. "

Liang Hui said that the clean water source did not infringe the patent, since both products from the appearance, not the same technology to the process. "The concept design with love Miao clean water source is not the same, the whole cycle is different. Clean water sources also have their own no-waste water emission-related patents in 2013 by the National Patent Office approved by." But when asked about the patent number, Liang Hui said now not suitable for publication.

in charge of the clean water source several people invariably express for small companies took the opportunity to hype questioned. He Peace be considered "love Miao Electronics wants to become famous," he repeatedly stressed that the issue of the defendant as "minor" and said "the water purifier business accounted for a very small proportion of the company is not affected. (Compared to) this year is expected to sales of nearly 50 billion yuan, which is like drop in the bucket. "

Liang Hui said, love Miao Electronics always wanted to acquire clean water sources, but market and product conditions are not met the requirements of clean water sources," now is love Miao vexatious, to speculation. "

clean water source for the statement of these people, Zhang Yuesheng responded that, although the two sides disparities strength, but" not the big companies disregard and disdain for violations. "

It is noteworthy that, what are willing to calm Liang Hui said that this product produced only three or four hundred units, profit is less than 10 million. For this data, Zhang Yuesheng questioned, he revealed that the average household water purifier has about 45% of the profits, while the price of this product in more than 6,000 yuan, why the overall profitability of less than 10 million?

enterprises get together and clean water market

In recent years, as the catalyst for environmental protection, development of water purification industry ushered in the spring. Today, small and large businesses have been pouring into this "hot spot", trying to make a difference in terms of technology patents, patent disputes are followed.

China's water industry experts, Wuxi water industry association Secretary-General Gu Chuan long said the water industry is a sunrise industry, optimistic about the future of water purifier business, market growth will be substantial.

household appliances, solar energy, kitchen and other industries and enterprises have entered the Chinese water industry, water purifier market growth this year at around 50%, it will be faster next year.

purifier market hot, clean water source to be reflected also in the 2013 Annual Report. Annual Report data show that the water purifier sales income of 81.56 million yuan, an increase of 160.48%, the gross margin as high as 58.87%. During the reporting period, the company's water purifier products achieved large-scale growth.

Changjiang Securities research reports that water purifier will be the next source of profit point clear water, water purifier business in 2014 will further maintain rapid growth. Galaxy Securities research report also said the clean water source water purifier is expected to at least double the growth in sales revenue.

It is noteworthy that, as a new growth industry, there is a price confusion, clean quality standards, lack of market standards and other issues water purifier market. And the patent dispute behind the hot water purifier market has been overlooked patent issues thrown on the table.

eismowe said water purifier market today low threshold, most of the existing structural Patent patent focus on essential technology, the core technology patents are not many. Membrane technology, pump technology is relatively high technical content, but not many domestic-related patents. Patent disputes are common in the water industry, in addition to the involved "no waste water discharge" technology, membrane technology, pump technology, have involved in patent disputes.

Gu Chuan also said that a long time, like clean water source patent dispute is not the case, the previous water industry there are a lot of patent disputes, it is difficult to avoid in the future, so the water industry in the development of the company should Note investigation and avoid patent-related disputes. Clean water source as the water is committed to technology development company, R & D and patents more, in the course of its development of new products, patents should pay attention to. Author: ZHAO Chun-yan

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