2018 Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath Show Kohler water purifier full strength

2018 Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath Show Kohler water purifier full strength

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June 5, 2018 - June 8, Asia's largest and most influential international kitchen event - the 23rd China International Kitchen & Bath Design Exhibition grand opening in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Kohler water purification bring a variety of award-winning debut, and won the NSF site announced wading certification of good news, filling the brand strength.


Kohler tireless dedication to pursue higher quality water purification life

for the modern family

water, runs through every aspect of our lives, every minute and every minute people seconds are closely related. Born more than ten years, Kohler water purification commitment to quality of water treatment systems, materials used in the product, design, technology and other aspects of excellence, and develop a number of patented technologies, to the highest international standards certification authority, for the thousands of families providing high-quality health water. The kitchen in the exhibition, David Purkiss NSF International vice president of global product wading in person, not just for the experience of a live demonstration of clean water Kohler, more importantly, to issue certified NSF wading medals Kohler. The

issued in the field of certification ceremony, clean water is proud to announce Kohler, Kohler can be RO water purifier Rui Fu series of products have been the standard NSF International NSF International certification body / ANSI 58 certification. As a leader in safety and quality standards, NSF provides independent third-party certification based on science to show that the company strictly abide by a set of basic quality standards. The same day, general manager of Kohler kitchen water purification unit in China, Mr. Chen Ying cast admitted at the scene in order to obtain certification, Kohler water purification through a rigorous evaluation, including rigorous testing in accordance with the relevant recognized standards, the factory without prior notice and periodically review re-testing to verify continued compliance standards. Kohler whole process of water purification and NSF both sides have invested a lot, all this is to give consumers protect the health of water quality, the face of this harsh and lengthy pay is worth it. This, Mr. Vice President, NSF Global Water Products David Purkiss quite agree. When asked how NSF to maintain its authority and how to ensure the quality of the product has been certified sustainability, Mr Purkiss said very serious, and other NSF / ANSI standard, like, NSF 58 standard won the American National StandardsRecognized Institute (ANSI) is. NSF is an independent Joint Committee annual review of all standards, in order to ensure that standards and match the prior art. For the acceptance of certified products, in addition to material security products at the initial certification, testing the structural integrity and reduce pollutants statement, NSF will conduct annual audits do prior notice in the production plant, and regularly collect samples of certified products re-test.

passed obsession to create elegant life Kohler net bladders won several international awards

After 145 years of baptism, and artistic symbiosis brand philosophy and dare to create the spirit of Kohler has been a part of the blood, Kohler promote aesthetic thinking in the design of each product are added, and therefore have been winning.

RO water purifier Rui Fu series can not only get just wading NSF certification, but also because of the sense of technology display interface and minimalist appearance has red spots, two halo IDEA international design awards. With perfume bottle inspired pottery than the pre-series Kohler central water purifier, to conquer the review with matte brushed metal appearance at rest, won the red dot and iF design awards.

obtained IDEA Gold Award 2017 and the red dot design award Kohler net hot drink Sidan Xpress series is one of the focus of the scene. Gold and silver sci-fi color metal flange plus retro styling and elegant user interface, Sidan not only to meet the aesthetic appearance of aesthetic swept by the audience attention, more intelligent and flexible mode of operation with its acclaimed. As a one-piece stage water purifier heating equipment, Sidan has "full" net Toru filtration system, constant temperature control can quickly spin quantitative and integrates a number of kitchen appliances function. Innovative full sterile filtration system, the water from point to point throughout the water clean. From the membrane module, wading parts with UV sterilization, to build a closed sterile environment, to ensure that every time the water are clean and healthy. Tanks, automatic spout every 4 hours UV germicidal; 36 hours are not used, self-cleaning tanks, three days is not used, goes to sleep, and then restart cleaning. Impeccable appearance and function reflects the Kohler water purification and the ultimate in comprehensive detail.

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