Autumn dry air dry and easy to install water purifier Star to help you through difficult times

Autumn dry air dry and easy to install water purifier Star to help you through difficult times

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Fall is a good time to people nursed back to health physically and mentally, then not only the need to prevent some disease, but also to enhance their resistance. Security experts have warned Star water purifier, seasons, compared improve nutrition, water is more important position. Autumn weather is dry, easily gives rise to dry gas. The Qiuzao favorite attack the lungs, so when dry air rises, cough, asthma, diarrhea, dry skin and other diseases bear the brunt, then encountered such a problem how to do? At this point, the correct way is drinking water against dry, very useful to get angry , should adhere to the good habit of drinking water daily, and daily water intake can not be less than 8 cups, to ensure the physical demands of water to add. 秋季干燥易燥气 安之星净水器助您过难关

Autumn has a knack of drinking water, easily alleviate the "autumn dryness."

Hot summer weather, the slightest movement will be sweating, drink plenty of water, which anyone can understand. Autumn weather gradually cools, were not regular activities, many of my friends that did not seem necessary to drink so much water. In fact, the more the more cold days to drink more water. Star of security experts remind, the fall of drinking water must be enough quantity!

1, drink plenty of water fall speed up metabolism, play a role against the cold. Approximately 70% of the human body is water, studies have shown that the human body as long as the loss of 5% failed to replenish moisture, the skin will feel cold and dry, and therefore need the same amount of water intake in the dry season, to maintain the body's water balance. In addition to three meals a day may be from about about 800 ml of water consumption, the daily drinking water needs of about 1200 ml.

2, the drinking water as a good daily habits. Do not wait until thirsty to drink water again, physical exertion, especially people to drink more water. Sooner or later should drink a glass of water, after a night of rest, blood viscosity increase, can easily lead to poor blood flow, so early in the morning must develop the habit of drinking; drink a glass of water before going to bed, it can also dilute the blood, reducing blood viscosity.

3, not sweat a lot of water, when a lot of sweat in the human gastrointestinal tract vessels contracted state, absorption ability, easy to accumulate a large amount of water in the gastrointestinal tract, causing indigestion. Therefore, you should drink water gargle a little light salt water to drinking water increased after some time.

4, must drink natural water, clean, weak alkaline mineral water.

what is healthy water? Ann Star 75D intelligent water-saving water for return to the "natural"

to ensure the quality of water is a prerequisite for scientific thought to be good and healthy drinking water standard is "four goes there", that is, no pollution, no bacteria, no heavy metals, no harmful chemicals; required to have a human body natural minerals and trace elements; vitality have no degradation, weakly alkaline, small molecules of water, strong activity, without causing load on the human drinking water systems and the like. However, at present this is just a vision, many families are still using the traditional way of drinking water, boil the tap water is the most common water treatment method. Or slightly processed bottled water, bottled water, etc., due to the lack of a sound business regulatory measures, the situation is often of poor quality water. And it does not have sufficient scientific evidence so unconvincing, so many people simply ignore the direct safety of drinking water, not knowing that the effect of such a practice planted countless risks to health.

秋季干燥易燥气 安之星净水器助您过难关

However, water-saving 75D An intelligent star water machine, using five pairs of membrane filtration, filtration through the first three, you can filter the water sediment, rust, red worms, bacteria and viruses when impurities, leaving only mineral water, but after the fourth stage RO reverse osmosis technology and the post carbon filter of the fifth stage, filtered through five, star security guarantee to the user in the use of convenient drinking water, to ensure that filtered water droplets drop fresh health! and as delicious taste and natural spring, compared to bottled water or bottled water on the market, not only convenient and affordable, and tastes better.

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