Ai Mate purifier Agent fiery recruitment

Ai Mate purifier Agent fiery recruitment

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爱玛特净水器代理加盟火热招募中 2016 to join the development of water purification agents, water purifiers Agent is undergoing constant change, water purifier brands of water purification agents to join the market share, with the wide open up over the years, still maintain and continued to move up the main. And in the development of so-called second-tier brands to join the development of the water purifier investment, is showing different characteristics, water purification industry for cognitive point of view of self-ownership, the 2016 water purification agents to join the new trends.

home water purifier industry is now home industry star. China's late start home water purifier industry, is a chain with China's economic development and the gradual formation of the industry.

to seek a breakthrough in the development of the brand too numerous to mention, and water purifiers to join the original water purifier joined to form a multi-industry chain to join form, which is the 2016 water purifier to join the trend of the concentrated expression its continuity will become the development trend in 2016 and later years. Expansion of product branding effect, not only the characteristics of the industry, in fact, other industries have long formed the development of the industry where the rule.

Ai Mate purifier global leader in water purification technology research and development center, according to the status of China as well as drinking water source terminal drinking water quality, innovation developed a "dual core purification", "multi-channel split" "net core technology" and other international leader in water purification technology and construction techniques, and in 2009 the successful launch of these equipped with leading technology products --- whole new generation of water purification depth of water purification systems. In millions of homes and businesses worldwide user is using Imrita brand water purification products.

Ai Mate is injected through the water purifier will continue to innovative ideas into the whole process of operation, the constant pursuit of innovative products and services, Ai Mate won dozens of patents certification, access to a number of honor authority at home and abroad, China has become the core members of the unit ultrafiltration water purifier national standards for the drafting group. Ai Mate water purifiers through the creation and implementation of a comprehensive "peace of mind service water purification system", so that each user can experience the Imrita excellent water purification services.