Bailey ho Tatsuya to create a strategic partnership with the global clean water carrier

Bailey ho Tatsuya to create a strategic partnership with the global clean water carrier

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May 23, the campus public drinking water leading brand Bailey Group and the China commercial net tap enterprise Ho Chak Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shunde, Guangdong. Relying Ho Chak Group's original business model in the field of environmental protection of water purification, technology services and ecological advantages, equipped with Bailey powerful channel advantages in the campus water purifier market, the two sides will in future market channel development, resource sharing services and other aspects to carry out a comprehensive strategy cooperation, explore the Internet era + water purifier market a new model of development, strengthening the brand position of the first school of public drinking water equipment, water purification and accelerate public to seize market share, tectonics water industry giant aircraft carrier.


complementary strengths and resources of six incremental positive

as a business enterprise net tap, Ho Chak water purifier market in creating a unique business model of leasing services, has improved Direct sales service system, and strong brand endorser formed, industry innovation ahead of other brands in the field of ecological wisdom clean water circle. And Bailey has roots in campus drinking water market for 18 years, as the inventor of the first campus drinking fountains, pioneered the campus drinking water market, water markets and channels authoritative brand influence on campus. The two sides through the powerful combination of strong complementary resources will not only improve the consumer experience, to bring six more incremental positive future development.

a) incremental brand: powerful combination of market acceptance of the brand will bring advantage;

b) incremental business model: Ho Chak rental business model innovation will help Pitt Li quickly grab market share while improving corporate profits;

C) product increment: the two sides will promote product innovation and technical advantages of integration, improve product performance and diversified selection;

d) increased capital market Capacity: cooperation will be conducive to the formation of scale and reduce the cost of market competition;

e) internal incentive mechanism increments: for both employee career development speed and a broader increase in channel incentives;

[ 123] f) market prospects increment: the future it will be possible to open up overseas channels to promote Bailey

concept of open ecosystem to lead the development of the industry

education market has more than 20 billion market capacity, with the national the importance of public drinking water, the market is being expanded each year. Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Xi'an and other major cities and government departments in charge of educationLong will improve water quality, drinking water project schools included in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", part of the city has been enforcing drinking water into the campus.

In the context of the water purifier market rapid growth, a strong complementary strengths and resources to better form synergies, boost market expansion. As the water industry "cloud services" pioneers, Hao Ze has a self service team, established the first "365 * 24 24/7/365" customer service hotline in the industry, and the country has a straight cover more than 1,300 counties camp service outlets, providing intelligent combination of human health butler service for dealers and users to enjoy always-on cloud services. Bailey will be full access to Ho Chak service system and team, to provide customers with industry-leading intelligent cloud services, bringing strong service support for the market growth.

In this strategic cooperation conference site, Ho Chak water purifier senior, said: Ho Chak and Bailey two "first" cooperation can complement, Bailey relying on the strategic positioning of the original channel resources, aid Hao Ze complete network operating system, not only to maintain the leading position in the education market, and is expected to impact food and beverage, health care and other public water purifier market the first brand in the future through cooperation with more business partners, extending large equipment market, as market forces lead to continued growth. At the same time, Ho Chak will be fully open to share resources, to provide comprehensive support for the Pledge online back office systems products, all products of intelligent system upgrades and service support across the board timing, flow products import, an independent code is installed model, a full output products such as full support, a perfect copy of ho Chak business model.

碧丽与浩泽达成战略合作共创全球净水航母 Pledge Management, said: "create a healthy drinking water of life, health and drinking water do the dedication of all mankind!" Is the vision of Bailey Group. From the creation of China's first campus drinking warm water to lead the development of China campus public drinking six invention, Bailey Group practicing with craftsman spirit dedicated public drinking water. Cooperation Ho Chak Group and Bili Bili Group will enable the Group to achieve six increments, these increments will encourage Bailey Group to enter the fast lane. Bailey Group plans to achieve through strategic cooperation with Ho Chak Group in 2021 1 billion business objectives, while Bailey Group will achieve extended in four areas: to achieve extended from sales to service mode and operational mode on the mode; product, to achieve, commercial kitchen equipment, commercial hot water equipment, household products, water treatment extends from an end of the commercial; in the region,Realization extends from the domestic to the international; in the organizational structure, extending from centralized to achieve segmentation. Bailey Group in cooperation with the Ho Chak Group's confidence in Bili Group will go all out to achieve the common goal of global clean water carrier and work hard.

Industry experts Comments: Hao Ze hand in hand Bailey innovative cooperation model demonstrates Ho Chak cooperation and win-win concept of ecological circle, under the prevailing resource sharing platform for vertical expansion, expand the channels, continue to consolidate the leading position in the commercial market , the real win-win value-added enterprise ecosystem.

Ho Chak and strong cooperation prelude Bailey has been opened, the two sides will build the future of the water industry giant aircraft carrier, to promote the accelerated development of the whole industry.

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