Lu Quan water purifier manufacturers have to re-brand and channels

Lu Quan water purifier manufacturers have to re-brand and channels

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The rapid development of water purification industry is looking in the eyes of people outside the industry, but at present there is a huge competition in the market of water purification industry, water purifier manufacturers marketing strategy mustering the strength, especially in the marketing strategy, can be described as become common practice. But a lot of water purifier manufacturer promotions too grandiose, not only did not play effect, but is chaos rules the industry. As a professional water purifier manufacturer spring dew water purifier to stand out in order to know we must strengthen the expansion of channels in the competition, but also should make efforts painstaking research in technology.

Director of Operations Lu Quan water purifier WANG Ji-feng said: "Today's water purification industry to consider is that you have no sweeping into courage." Fall behind in the fierce competition in the market, this is everything survival and development, since ancient times, start of both the general chaos. If you have a water purifier industry contrarian who turn to overtake the courage, then the so-called industry reshuffle is no longer a nightmare, but a rare opportunity. The simple truth we all know, it is not easy to do. Policies directed just need to relax and not alleviate much, especially in this era enough to go round, so specific to how to do it? Lu Quan water purifier brand and channel as the most important achievements of the "professional water purifier brand", "China water purifiers top ten brands, "" national High-Tech enterprise "," national civil-military integration demonstration brand "and many other honors, and today I simple terms for everyone to answer" how "this problem.

Lu Quan first move, going out accumulated reputation credibility

First of all, go out, not at home guarding waiting for customers, because customers may come to your home is another way businesses "robbery" to go, ease of doing other home "Yazhaifuren" or even "children" of the.

Second, establish a brand reputation, "a thousand miles short step" reputation and brand are up over time. Director of Operations Lu Quan water purifier WANG Ji-feng also said: "stand out in the fierce competition in brands, to lead the industry."

Lu Quan The second measure: to introduce extensive to intensive

Note: is the so-called extensive development by expanding the scale to achieve economic growth, while intensive economy means that, in the same way the production scale introduction of new technologies, new processes, improve equipment, increase the technology content to achieve economic growth.

now no longer suitable for the water purification industry extensive economic development, notYour store is much more open, you earn more. When pockets not drum you have to do is not open branches, but how to do meticulous precision on the existing basis. This "fine" and "fine", refers not only products, but also refers to the face of consumer groups. The consumption level classification of consumer groups for high-end consumer psychology research, and broken down, so that consumers into your store legs walk way, so to say to you: "we chose you ! "

Lu Quan water purifier summary: in the initial stages of the current development of water purification industry, like in the north and there, like everyone each accounted for one party does not have a great impact, and as the constant development of water purification industry, and now come to the estuary, facing the vast ocean that is the market, water purifier manufacturers have to grasp the situation, identify the location, good locks for their own channels.