Europe Hui Pu water purifiers- technological innovation from the user pain points

Europe Hui Pu water purifiers- technological innovation from the user pain points

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The so-called innovation, it means subversion and impact. In the water purification industry, the leading brand in Europe Hui Pu water purifiers to the work of the Technical Research Center gave a lot of space and support. In addition to the huge cost of inputs, internally consistent European Hui Pu company attitude, but all innovation, all departments First, do not say "no", if indeed innovative content consumers need, the entire value chain needs for consumers concession, the perspective of consumers to think about their own work.


According to EU-Hui Pu water purification technology research center responsible person: "We are here to implement a market-oriented mechanism, we have developed any technology and selling, like the sales department to sell as consumers, we are going to move internal customers, consumer research department is one of our internal customers, any one of our projects, we need to get their approval, we can switch to the production, promotion and sales. "

process of this mechanism determines the technical staff in Europe Hui Pu water purifiers in addition to the single-minded product and technological innovation, but also focused their attention on the consumer market trends. This also confirms the view Huawei Ren Zhengfei, that the project engineer to become a businessman. "Market technicians have thought, you do something, if sold, can not impress clients, customers can not say no, can only reflect on their own are not doing good enough, it is not in what areas there are shortcomings, there is no moving customers. "

any form of innovation need to pay the cost and expense, Europe Hui Pu is no exception, and in the innovation into market-oriented mechanism that allows R & D to face the market demand. Europe Hui Pu Technology Research Center of projects and tasks, from the user pain points, and ahead of the market and return to potential consumer demand. This logic technology research and development, it is the last few years in Europe Hui Pu new product introductions significantly speed up the rhythm of one of the reasons, but also the key market soaring.