How to buy cabinets water purifier- Consider these four areas

How to buy cabinets water purifier- Consider these four areas

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The cabinet is usually installed purifier covert substantially coarse filtration, activated carbon adsorption, ion-exchange resins, hollow fiber, and several reverse osmosis membrane. How to buy a practical cabinet ideal water purifier it? It can be considered from the following aspects.


how to buy cabinets water purifier? Consider these four aspects (Photo from Internet)

First, buy brand-name products

must recognize the importance of quality when you buy your water purifier. Production of water purifier manufacturers must obtain a health permit higher health supervision departments through technical supervision departments identified, in line with "drinking water standards" countries.

Second, high purchase cost performance

1, a majority of the filtered water purifier water purification products are low, each priced between ten to 150 yuan .

2, multi-stage filtration water purifier water purification products are mid-range, between each, can be accepted as a working-class, and now many families.

3, ultrafiltration nanofiltration water purifier, multiple stages of pre-filter and ultrafiltration membrane composition, can be trapped most of the bacteria, harmful substances, is separated from the world, the filtering effect is ideal the drinking water purification means, while retaining beneficial minerals trace elements, and then take advantage of the activated carbon and KDF water effective to inhibit the breeding of bacteria, fungi and remove color, smell, ensuring a safer filtered water healthy usage of. And high water production, wastewater discharge a small amount of time in the family kitchen so the use of more efficient, convenient, without waiting for a long time. Mass consumer goods belongs, in the price range 1000-5000 yuan according to different requirements of each. Stainless steel water purifier mass consumption

4, reverse osmosis water is treated groundwater and rural water purification water purification effect of the best products. Such reverse osmosis water purification are high-end products, each priced between 3000-5000 yuan.

Third, according to the water quality optional

1, water hardness different in different regions, north and south of limestone of high hardness region, water calcium and magnesium ion content is high, easy to scale, It should buy with advanced water purification filter cartridge ion exchange resin.

2, the chlorine-containing water, color heavier odor, organicsHigher levels of urban water supply, optional large amount of activated carbon water purifier cabinet. Since activated carbon has a strong adsorption of water and chlorine, color smell, significant removal of organic matter.

3, urban and rural areas for the water is turbid water purification should buy coarse filter, fine filter purifier cabinet double function. For heavily contaminated water, it requires a thorough filter any impurities in the water, without heating direct consumption, should buy reverse osmosis water.

Fourth, the classification of the water purifier cabinet

1, water purifiers different structures, different purification effect. In general, a water purification filter of simple structure, based activated carbon, filtered limited capacity, can only use as a coarse filter, the filter is preferably heated to boil water to drink.

2, multi-stage water purifier filter. Such water purifier has two coarse filter and a fine filter set, and a multi-hollow fiber fine filter cartridge, a filtered water drinkable.

3, reverse osmosis water purification effect ideal. It has three pre-filter, a reverse osmosis membrane microfiltration and a post-filter. Filtered water free of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, organic compounds, minerals and heterochromatic odor, is a pure water to drink without heating.

It is necessary to wants to buy a suitable home water purifier, a lot of consideration. These are the areas to buy water purifier cabinet to consider, hope to help everyone.