Guangxi effort to protect drinking water sources were found to troubleshoot problems 680

Guangxi effort to protect drinking water sources were found to troubleshoot problems 680

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April 3, learned from relevant departments in accordance with relevant state ministries notice requirements, our district a few days ago to carry out special operations drinking water sources environmental protection, environmental protection departments at all levels carefully organized, centralized drinking water sector of the region water to carry out a special investigation and environmental protection.

According to reports by the State Council, Ministry of Ecology Environment, Ministry of Water Resources recently jointly issued the "National centralized drinking water sources environmental protection special action plan", and in Beijing held a mobilization deployment of video conferencing, asked the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) use two years, carried out by designated drinking water source protection zones, the establishment of protected areas boundary signs, remediation protected areas such as environmental law issues three tasks to ensure that drinking water sources to maintain and improve water quality, increase the level of protection of drinking water sources environmental safety.

regional party committee and government attach great importance to drinking water safety, the organization of the municipalities and county-level cities above the water source to conduct a comprehensive investigation for three months, a total of 176 investigation and the water source, the investigation of drinking water sources protection area delineation program have achieved the approval of the relevant documents. Investigation were found issue 680, which involves the sewage outfall issue 13 industrial enterprises in question 35, Pier 35, tourism and catering issues 26, traffic traversal 117, agricultural non-point source pollution 111, living-point source pollution 228, on the protection of geographical area landmarks and warning signs and other issues 115.

my area of ??investigation out of the question to establish a list of questions, at present, the municipalities are in accordance with "a water source, a program, a catch in the end" principle, to develop reform proposals, clear and specific measures, the division of tasks, time node, responsible units and people, the implementation of the development program immediately after the rectification to ensure the completion level and above in urban water environmental protection special rectification before the end of this year to complete the rectification of all cities above county level water sources and environmental protection before the end of next year .

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