Maintenance is key water purifier for a long time how to clean- - Maintenance is critical, water pur

Maintenance is key water purifier for a long time how to clean- - Maintenance is critical, water pur

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HC purification network is now even more concerned about the health problems of drinking water, thus stimulating the rapid growth of the domestic water purifier market, rapid growth has led to the emergence of a group of speculators, thus leading consumers buy water purifier products because the product just did not understand, plus the water purifier shopping guide of flicker, and therefore can not properly recognize whether water purifier product meets their family needs for clean water purifier products is scanty, how water purifier should be cleaned? purifier cleaning methods are there?

how should water purifier cleaning

first of all you need to determine what kind of water purifier, pipeline filter cartridge mainly PP cotton, bulk carbon, activated carbon, ceramics, ultrafiltration, exchange resins, the RO several reverse osmosis, wherein the ceramic core may be water and brush with a toothbrush, exchange resins can be regenerated with brine, ultrafiltration can be flushed through the backwash. Should try to choose the choice of high-profile brand water purifiers, water purifiers top ten brands can refer to do reference, such as the major domestic brands popular water purifier Dow hundred Fukang, Patio, beauty brands are is very good, these brands are more mature, strong research and development capabilities, and will consider the issue of water quality and water needs of different families in different regions, in addition to these brands more complete the better for families.

Other basically disposable cartridge, PP cotton life of 3 to 6 months, bulk carbon, activated life is about 1 year, about 2 years the RO RO. Central water purifier (water purification for the whole house) filter life is generally 5 to 15 years, as have the general water purifier with a central backwash function, which can extend the life of the filter, only these basic values specific life was determined according to the water quality and water consumption at home. For cartridge consumables line, mature water purifier manufacturers are sold on every water purifier for the record, to the change is going to be directly linked to consumption, like the United States each brand install a water purifier will require customers to fill out a detailed installation form, is to address consumer worries.

The filter only replacement product, it does not ensure the housing inner wall outlet road no secondary pollution. Various water purification filter replacement cycle of the product is notLike, low cost PP cotton should be replaced every six months, a year, compared with activated carbon.

In addition to the replacement of filters, time needed for the water outlet pipe and other components for cleaning and disinfection or contamination by equipment not much larger than the water treated. Therefore, the purchase of acceptable quality water purification products is particularly important. As clean water up to people, I still advocate a fully qualified consumers choose water purifier products.

In general, water purifiers need to be cleaned regularly, so that it can play a responsibility to protect the health of their families water.

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