Four strokes to determine the quality of water purification products make it easy to buy the right p

Four strokes to determine the quality of water purification products make it easy to buy the right p

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Now people install home water purifier is increasing year by year, while emerging market water purifier brands and products are also dazzling. Then the consumer from what to start, how to choose? Buy water purifiers, mainly to see the product quality. How to measure the quality of a product is good or bad it? Proceed from four aspects.

四招判断净水器产品品质 让你轻松买到合适产品

a: Product rigor

problem occurs most often water purifier is leaking, whether the product is directly linked closely with the agency's interests. A good product is not only good internal components, external material is to focus on ordinary internal pressure during operation of the water purifier kitchen about 3 MPa, material a little thin shell easily burst, and even the risk of explosion. In order to prevent the above problem, one should pay attention product material, such as stainless steel cylinder is a thickness of the kitchen machine number, or even 133 to 100 is 120; the thickness of the RO water filter cartridge, the seal material, etc., It is a key factor. The second aspect is whether professional product testing and careful, to detect water purifier manufacturers, takes a lot of manpower and time costs, many enterprises in order to save time and eliminating the need to test this process, doing so will greatly reduced the quality of products, a security risk.

II: electronic components

Electronic component products is the core component of the product water purifiers, water purifiers because prolonged contact with water, directly affects the quality of the electronic components used in the subsequent safe . Good insulating member has done well and separate monitoring system, once the leakage or damage to immediately cut off the power element into the stopped state. On the other hand a direct impact on the quality of electronic display operation, poor screen display is not clear, the panel content unscientific planning, operation time-consuming, laborious, expensive brains. The Simai En water purification products are rigorously screen design and testing process, with a touch screen function, and some also with voice prompts, fully display the charm of science and technology, you do not generally smart home experience.

three: filter origin

most of the water purifier manufacturers have claimed to use imported filter, but it is not the case, especially for low-price brands. Agents or consumers to choose water purifier brand when the need for careful observation of origin filter, the filter material is the most important, such as activated carbon, ultrafiltration membrane, RO membrane, the cation exchange resin is preferably selected imports, because the filterMost of the material did not indicate the place of origin, so that consumers will ask from sources other than labeling should carefully watched filter and filter details.

IV: water purifier function

widespread propaganda exaggerating the problem in the water purification industry, anxious to own the product filtered out of the water packed into holy water, with medical treatment, health care, health and so on. Can not deny that long-term drinking filtered water have a moderating effect on the body, but not to drink some water can cure all ills. Consumers need to choose according to their own physical condition suitable water purifier, if not suitable for patients with stones drink more mineral water, it is best to drink purified water; the lack of trace elements in the opposite person can drink some mineral water. The more obscure the more will be its own brand product conceptualization, in order to obtain the trust of some consumers.

In fact, water purifier product quality is good or bad judgment is not hard, it simply look at the size of the brand, look at the strength of manufacturers, look at whether the production of documents, choose water purifier is not more difficult, and more advanced but select the appropriate water quality, the most suitable home water purifier good.