Household water purifier filter, which has several types- _Frequently Asked Questions

Household water purifier filter, which has several types- _Frequently Asked Questions

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home water purifier filter is used to purify tap water, contaminated or does not meet safe drinking water standards for tap water can be treated after the water purifier , water quality can be greatly improved, in order to reach people's access to safe water level. So household water purifier filter What are the main types of it? Can be divided into: hollow fiber membrane, the RO membranes reverse osmosis, activated carbon filters, ceramic filters, grease filter, nanofiltration and KDF filter film 7 kinds of water purification filters, here introduced one by one:

[ 123] 1, the hollow fiber membrane

the hollow fiber membrane is an ultrafiltration membrane. It is ultrafiltration technology is the most mature and advanced technique. Hollow fiber diameter: 0.5-2.0 mm, inner diameter: 0.3-1.4mm, covered with a microporous hollow fiber wall, an aperture to be able to express the molecular weight of retentate, molecular weight cutoff up to several thousand to hundreds of thousands. Raw water or lumen of the hollow fiber outside of the forced flow, respectively, constitute the external pressure and internal pressure. Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtering process, are concentrated retentate with water may be removed, without clogging the membrane surface, long-term continuous operation. Polymer membrane ultrafiltration membrane is one of the earliest development. Characterized by using a simple process, without heating, energy conservation, low voltage operation, a small footprint device.

2, RO reverse osmosis membrane

RO reverse osmosis membrane element is the core of reverse osmosis, is an artificial semipermeable membrane having certain characteristics of the semipermeable membrane made of a biological simulation. Generally made of a polymer material. Intercept a reverse osmosis membrane material is greater than 0.0001 microns, is a membrane separation finest product, which can effectively retain all of the dissolved salt and organic molecular weight greater than 100, while allowing water molecules. Reverse osmosis membrane wherein: at high flow rate should have a high desalination; having a high mechanical strength and service life; can function at a lower operating pressure; resistant to influence of chemical or biochemical action; influenced by pH, temperature, etc. factors less affected; film material source easy, simple processing, low cost.

3, activated carbon filter

Carbon filter divided into two categories: compression type activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter bulk. Compressing the active coal filter using activated carbon adsorption high valueCoconut shell charcoal and activated carbon as filter material, be a food grade adhesive sintered compression molding; bulk-type activated carbon filter particles of activated carbon required into a special plastic housing, with a welding device welding the end cap of the housing both end surfaces, ends of the housing into a nonwoven fabric filter sheet are functional filtration, to ensure the use of carbon core and black toner will not fall.

4, the ceramic filter element

are novel ceramic filter Green filter using diatomaceous earth clay as a raw material, prepared by using a special method of molding techniques. The average pore size of only 0.1μm, is currently the highest precision filter cartridge. Ceramic filters can remove solid particles of liquid water, bath, tap water, liquid carbon filter element organic impurities is removed.

5, resin filter

The resin cartridge suitable for high salinity water extraction and biochemical substances, sugar decolorization. Recycled resin cartridge with a dilute solution of sodium chloride and water is performed, and is used to filter water softener. Features: good adsorption effect of organic compounds; make decolorized liquid was filtered, clear, transparent; filters particles and impurities; good effect in addition to different odor; remove the residual chlorine in water.

6, KDF filter

KDF is a high purity copper alloy, perfectly remove the water and heavy metal ion, to improve the degree of activation of water, it is more conducive to the absorption of water to protect human health and promote human metabolism. Such a material is to use KDF filter. This filter is used in the water purifier is the best configuration.

7, nanofiltration

Nanofiltration is to allow some solvent molecules or low molecular weight solutes or a functional semipermeable membrane permeable to ions cheap. It is a special and promising species separation, because it can be entrapped about nano size substance named its cutoff molecular weight organics is about 150-500, trapping ability of soluble salts is 2 between 98% and desalted monovalent anionic salt solution is less than high anionic salt solution. In nanofiltration water softening process in addition, used for bleaching, removal of natural organic matter and in organic synthesis (e.g., pesticides, etc.), three-induced substance, disinfection byproducts (THMs and haloacetic acids) and their precursors and volatile organic matter, to ensure the biological stability of drinking water and so on.

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