How the past six months the status quo high water products water purifier new national standard-

How the past six months the status quo high water products water purifier new national standard-

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With the improvement of people's living standards, water purifier has become a common household facilities, but due to technical limitations level, water purification process will cause a lot of waste water, waste water is often discharged directly into the sewers, waste of resources. November 1, 2018, "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating of" national standards into effect, designate 35 percent of water use efficiency red line is the market popularity of reverse osmosis water purifier, which means the high water reverse osmosis water purifier be banned. Implementation of new regulations last six months, whether to enhance the awareness of water conservation producer? What happens to the water purifier market? Purification efficiency has changed?

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[ 123] "this 1,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan of that, the same water purifier, the price difference was too big, what is good in the end choose?" Ms. Lee, who lives in Tianhe District of Guangzhou, in the acquisition of water purification machines, made difficult. Ms. Lee also worries many consumers common problem, with the improvement of public drinking water quality requirements, more and more families come equipped with water purification machines, the purchase process often people screenwriters.

What new regulatory requirements?

waste ratio is below the net water purifier 1:2, and are considered substandard products, "we this machine, the only two glasses of clean water to produce 1 cup waste water, compared with the previous water purifier, water efficiency has improved so much. "Changsha, a large chain of home appliance mall, a water purifier brand sales staff to sell its high-end products to consumers. She called "waste water" refers to the production of pure water using a reverse osmosis technique, the resulting salt-rich water and concentrated. The reverse osmosis technique used, only 0.0001 micron pore size, as a "sieve", the sediment, bacteria, viruses, heavy metal ion blocking out, water molecules need to pass under pressure, there is inevitable "waste water" produce.

"as a way of domestic water purifier popularity, reverse osmosis water purifier in the current market as a whole accounted for more than 70%." Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment, executive vice president of Gu Chuan long He said. But the problem of excessive waste water reverse osmosis water purifier has not been resolved. "Industry had low water use efficiency, an average of about 30%, and even some products less than 20%." Secretary-General of the National Standardization Technical Committee saving, China National Institute of Standardization Resources and Environment Branch, director of the snow-saving representation. "Make a meal, costs half a bucket of water," "WaterHow much useless, water twice "for many consumers was" injured. "

November 2017, the former State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the National Standardization Management Commission issued GB34914-2017" anti osmotic water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating of "national standards, strictly regulate water management system, delineation of 35% of water use efficiency red line for the reverse osmosis water purifier. the standard implemented in November 2018, to consumers eat a reassurance. the new standard specifies the home reverse osmosis water purification efficiency limit of water level and water efficiency, and a detection and calculation of net water aquatic rate, the efficiency of the reverse osmosis water purification unit is divided into five level, aquaculture net rate can not less than 35% water (water efficiency 5), reverse osmosis water purification unit is lower than this limit will be prohibited from sale, a net of waste products on the market that is directly below the promotion ratio of 1:2 water purifier, are considered substandard products. the new set value defined by the national standard water efficiency, high water out of those products.

what market reaction?

will eliminate 30% about inefficient products, water-saving enterprise gradually formed a consensus to pursue a healthy life quality, safe drinking water is a basic demand. consumer demand for water purification equipment, and promote the rapid development of the water industry in recent years.

consumer electronics market research firm specializing in the PRC released data show that since 2014, the water purifier market has maintained double-digit growth with sales channels online store, large home appliance chain stores, specialty stores, supermarkets and other basis It is estimated that the agency, in 2017, China's total water purification market reached 32.9 billion yuan.

with the development of the market, "household and similar uses reverse osmosis water purifier" light industry standards and "Home and similar DWTU "recommended national standards were in December 2010 and December 2013 release. limit values ??of the two standard setting is 30% lower the number, the binding is poor, it does not reflect the role of standards obviously.

reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating before the introduction of national standards after a long discussion, as a mandatory national standards, full account of the technical content of water-saving targets, the industry status quo and related standards of enterprises.

standard course, the higher the better, but enterprises can not ignore the current actual production wastewater rate to reach the current limit of 35% of the standard, it is not difficult technically."One way is to increase the water pressure, water will be able to increase the proportion of produce." Fu Hao of Beijing Environmental Protection Technology Group Chairman Yang Guoping told reporters, doing so may shorten the life of the reverse osmosis membrane, but with the production technology increased costs within a reasonable degree of floating range.

"By implementing this new national standard, you can eliminate a lot of the market can not meet water efficiency standards for water purifiers, water purification industry for more standardized, but also conducive to the healthy development of the water industry. "US group hot kitchen Division brand manager Huang Guobin said. Snow, the "standard limit value products to enter the market established a threshold, that threshold is expected to intercept 30% of inefficient products." In fact, after several years of development, the company gradually formed a consensus in terms of water conservation, the industry mainstream standards have been gradually than mandatory national standards. "A few years ago we started saving technology research, before the implementation of the standards will no longer produced under the new standard four and five of the products." Haier water purification technology minister Wang Yanmei said.

introduced water efficiency rating, so that consumers have a basis at the time of purchase, but also allow enterprises to have a sense of urgency to improve water use efficiency. "So people do not know which products to buy, now is not the same, like buying air conditioners, refrigerators, like reference energy efficiency rating, buy a few levels to buy a few levels." Said Yang Guoping, which prompted companies eyeing the country in line with a high level standard products, "waterway requires a more rational design, accessories demanding higher quality, more stringent processing requirements."

water purifier ye choose?

with the actual needs of purchase, form the conscious section water concept

"water efficiency less than thirty per cent of products now do not sell." Changsha Yuhua Area with home appliance stores, sales staff said. Indeed, in the home appliance store, 1.5:1,2:1, even 3:1 concentrated water purifier water ratio, has become one of the main selling points of the various reverse osmosis water purifier products, related values ??are prominently marked on the product. Not marked, they have claimed that their products have reached a net waste ratio of 1.

In addition to price ratio and net waste, also taking into account, for the reverse osmosis membrane, the smaller the ratio of the net waste, membrane life might be shortened accordingly, and according to the sales personnel, a good Some of filter replacement once to nearly thousand dollars. In this regard, experts advise consumers to the manufacturer's instructions and propaganda rigorous treatment, can be obtained from the production of Health this document, if necessary, or to the local healthHealth Monitoring Center and related website authenticity. The purifier is mainly concentrated in the aftermarket filter replacement, should fully understand each filter water purifier replacement time, price, access to the filter and replace the purchase method, with the actual needs of its own, to choose the right water purification machine.

"concentrated water was filtered though a high content of metal ions, but it is cleaner than tap water, because prior to the reverse osmosis membrane has been subjected to at least three purification steps." Gu long legend, "my family 'waste', are used to wash rice, vegetables, the wiping tables. "" waste "waste water was high efficiency of the water purifier.

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