Yangtze Water Purifier- Warm autumn and winter warmth transfer plan

Yangtze Water Purifier- Warm autumn and winter warmth transfer plan

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howling autumn wind can not help but feel chilly, standing in the park looking at the pieces falling maple leaves, how comfortable can be pampered hands if a cup of warm tea warm it is, therefore, the Yangtze water purification start "Warm water plan "through the corresponding consumer demand as the core idea of ??warm autumn and winter, effectively restructuring cycle of the product structure. Allow dealers to better match market demand to ensure sustained performance of sales Yangtze water purification.

From the survey data show that autumn and winter consumer groups in the office area, living area, casual meeting areas, etc., generally with hot coffee, hot cocoa, tea drinks, lemonade and other warm drink as the main day . If such drinks by bottled water, boiler water, boil tap routine will be difficult to ensure the timely and safe water quality requirements. In this regard, the development of Yangtze purification or thermal type line machine docking Yangtze water purification equipment, drinking water will ensure clean, safe, and outputs hot water heating at any time.

In this regard through the "heated plan" will have dealers Yangtze water purification product sales structure, effective planning, clear market-oriented dealers in the sales process, familiar with consumer demand, changes in the traditional for the sale of products while the sales of the sales concept, replaced by matching consumer demand sales behavior; so dealers feel clearer terminal operations, comprehensive strategy to support the clean water of the Yangtze. I do the brand, consumer products and real sense, our market, and win-win easy.

fall season, along with a warm "warm water plan" comprehensive "service pioneer plan" CLS overflowing "Golden Ring Plan", the Yangtze water purification invite you to come, to join hands For a total wealth of life.

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