Dealer Collection - charm is still commonly used heating machine sale Raiders _ FAQ

Dealer Collection - charm is still commonly used heating machine sale Raiders _ FAQ

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Recently, many dealers use for heating one machine sale raised doubts 2020-06-05 still a charm for you Raiders, answered their questions doubts!

One problem: the machine is not self-priming operation state (self-priming the installation environment does not absorb water)

The new machine NO. 1: Check the first stage filter cotton PP-bottles, sealed whether the shift ring, are tightened

NO.2 new machine: check the inlets tube is seated, if the water tank sink

NO.3 new machines: pump start normal [ 123]

after checking the above three points are in place, or if non-absorbent, recommended unplug pour a little water in the inside of the first stage into the filter flask PP cotton, fully immersed in the water after the confirmation, the plug boot, static etc. 5-8 minutes.

Second problem: of water, rinsed repeatedly jump lamp

a phenomenon: after the machine is energized, the lamp of water or rinse flashed lights, automatic exterminate, and then restarted, and then off automatically out

solution: replace the transformer.

phenomena: after the machine is powered flushing more than 20 seconds long show, do not jump into the state of water

Solution: Replace the PC version

Question three: water tank is full non-stop, continuous overflow tank of water leads to

the preferred try to plug the cable between the PC version and the water tank float is loose, try to re-plug, plug tight, if not solve the problem, consider replacing the water tank float ball switch, if still not solve the problem, consider replacing the PC version

question 4: hot and cold taps, shut tight dripping faucet side

the new machine is recommended after the water tank is full, open does not close tight leader, repeatedly turn on for 5 seconds, turn off 5 seconds, try a few times (there may be a new machine for the first time flushing toner or foreign body stuck in the outlet) if still dripping, the proposed replacement

question 5: water tank not of water, no water into the tank, abnormally slow speed of water

check whether the desktop state of water, whether or not discharge waste water, without discharging waste waterOut, check whether there is water entering the machine, when it is confirmed the machine water to enter, if the waste water to check the state of water significantly reduced, and the amount of waste water is flushed state as lower if the state of water, the proposed replacement wastewater solenoid valve, when the check state of water under wastewater was significantly reduced, RO membranes consider whether there is a problem.

Question six: PC Edition after the end of the flushing state, not of water, direct display full of water

proposed to replace the water tank float switch, if not solve the problem, then consider replacing the PC version

question seven: the machine without heating

machine with anti-dry function (to prevent heating lamps under water without heating air burning state), it works: when the pure water tank water level reaches more than 8 cm when the computer version power to heating lamps only, if the water level to 8 cm, heating the heating switch is not turned on

If the switch opens the heating water tank full status of the still unheated, it recommended unplug reset heating lamps The above protection switch.

Flow over the state of the heating lamps above the reset switch protection, still unheated, is recommended to check whether the heating lamps seated cable (note, check Always disconnect 220V when the power cord)

eight issues: The new machine does not boot no response plug

first check 220V power supply line into the intermediate transformer cable has a fuse, a black cylindrical exterior form, the fuse housing is opened, check whether the internal fuse breaking, if the fuse fracture, recommended to open inside the machine, with a tissue wipe each group of cables, cable may run into the water, causing a short circuit, then replace the fuse, reboot

If the fuse in good condition, it is recommended to try to replace the transformer, see whether the normal start


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