After the rise of mainstream consumer brand appliances oligarchs - appliances oligarchs, mainstream

After the rise of mainstream consumer brand appliances oligarchs - appliances oligarchs, mainstream

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HC network with home water purifier consumer brands the tide turned for home appliances enterprises, will be a "life and death" playoff. For appliance dealers, it is a "choose actor discard bad" change lanes race.

The past two years, many appliance manufacturers do not want to face, but can not reverse a consumer trends and changes in the market, and now has been fully landed in China's home appliance industry, continuous flowering. That is, the Chinese home appliance industry has finally stepped into a mass consumer brand channels.

It must be noted that this change does not refer to a small number of high-end consumer groups, brand identity, but the mass of consumers. This will be for the next five or ten years, or even longer to change the home appliance industry competition, adhere to lay a foundation. There are those who really make the brand more care of their "feathers" that word of mouth, product, quality, service, etc. in the future market competition.

This change for the current home appliance industry influence, simply put, is the proportion of premium brands and big brands in the home appliance market share is becoming more and more, and a large number of small brands getting smaller and smaller living space . One of the most intuitive change is that in the past as long as the appliance brand to fight low-cost, sellers will be able to; now generally smaller brands to play special, all flops. Because many consumers began to re-examine the relationship between price and value, brand and quality.

This is definitely not one of the words appliances circle. In fact, this year, home appliance retail market, there has been an "unprecedented" decline, but at a lower market volume decline background, head of corporate market share and accounted for each appliance category, but contrarian growth. Comb color TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and electric kitchen, small appliances and other categories, industry rankings basically one of the best, it is up to the top three brands, market share are on the rise. Some 1,2 percentage points, while others are 3, 5, or even up to a maximum increase of 8,9 points.

from the China National Commercial Information Center statistics on the country's more than 100 key large retailers appliance market sales data found that in 2019: comprehensive share of refrigerators, air conditioners and top ten brand market, 84.2% and 86.2% ; overall share of the color, washing machines top ten brands and maintained at 92.2%, 79.7%; market share of

Meanwhile, electric water heaters, air purifiers top ten brands and 80.6%, 79.9%, respectively; top ten fan, cooker hood and is brand share of 81.8% , 82.3%; in addition, the concentration of electric heating, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, and other categories in the market were also higher than 70%.

data in the main line of business from retail, although only on behalf of offline consumer market. But the online market, consumer brand more obvious. For example, air-conditioning market, accounting for US Gree two companies has reached about 70%, in addition to the electric refrigerator, washing machine, kitchen and other small micro category 3 or stronger top 5 companies share strong front, it has been as high as 50% or even 60% or so.

in the home appliance retail market, before the industry's top 3, top 5 or even top 10 companies, accounting for more than 70%, 80%, behind even 90% market share, it has benefited from the current mainstream consumer groups enhance brand awareness. Meanwhile, behind the brand identity for the various elements of the hidden quality, technology, function, experience, and service. After

Of course, the most central reason is that more and more 80, 90 become the mainstream of home appliances consumer groups, their demand for household appliances has increased from the previous generation, "from scratch" in popularity, with the line; entered enjoy "from there to excellent", they are concerned about price and more concerned about the value, cost-effective, more able to understand "the price for a half a minute," absolutely impossible situation, "a sub-price-third of goods," appears.

Thus it also allows the consumer line in recent years, home appliances market polarization: the major brands of high-end, high-quality, high-tech products to be welcomed; while the major brands of low-end, cost-effective products are equally welcome. Those second and third tier brand of low-end products and high-end products, are no longer a consumer protagonist of the market. Even the ultra-low-priced products, the degree of concern too low.

Thus it also reminds all appliances on the market dealers who, when first-line choice in business transformation and restructuring, must pay attention to choose the brand and the product can no longer be thought through cottage, near the business of counterfeit brand products earn high profits . Even big brand choice, but also consider the low-end product line and high-end product line which is more suitable for them?

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