Aluminum kettle to boil water, it is harmful to health

Aluminum kettle to boil water, it is harmful to health

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aluminum kettle to boil water harmful to health? This problem much attention, but there are also concerns people's minds, 2020-06-05 to reassure people's minds to do a detailed investigation, please searched for the following content.

aluminum kettle to boil water is not healthy become a topic of concern, a lot of people on the aluminum kettle there are also concerns, in order to reassure people's minds to do a survey of our attention look at the survey results.

aluminum kettle to boil water is harmful to health, or do you to look at the contents of it;?

you'll see in everyday life, when aluminum pots with soup or storage of food, aluminum pots will change color, not only eroded the aluminum pan, and Brussels sprouts are also a large amount of aluminum molecules dissolve. long-term consumption of aluminum-containing food, it will disrupt normal calcium and phosphorus ratio in the human body, it affects human bone and teeth growth and development and metabolism, but it will also affect the activity of the body's digestive enzymes, digestive function of the stomach weakened. However, aluminum oxide neutral, weakly acidic (weakly basic) conditions are very stable, composition of the soil is also accounted for most of alumina, we usually drink tap water were tested neutral acidic, does not make alumina the aluminum ions are released. Tips: Aluminum is one of the highest elements in the earth's crust, a large amount of aluminum present in nature, it is not necessary to talk discoloration of aluminum, the use of aluminum as long as normal, it is not long bloom acidic or alkaline liquid, these aluminum products are very safe, they exuded a very small amount of aluminum ion does not cause harm to humans.

by the content of all the above, only for reference. If you want to know what the safest drinking cup, please pay attention to our next issue of family drinking little knowledge, we will introduce several cups safe and secure for everyone to use, but please oh concern.

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