Ho Chak include the Association of Quality and Service Quality awards

Ho Chak include the Association of Quality and Service Quality awards

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[Invest] water purifier "quality first, do a good job to improve the quality; adhere to quality and integrity, optimizing the business environment" - this short text excerpt from China Quality Inspection Association as "the quality of products and service integrity demonstration enterprise "award certificate, the organizing committee of this year's winners and brand evaluation and approval. It is by virtue of superior product quality and service quality, Ho Chak's water purification equipment, air purification equipment will this award in the bag and also won the "National Quality Inspection and stability of qualified products." This is not only fully endorsed Ho Chak and products and services, but also point to Hao Chan Chak R & D system and service system.


Ho Chak water purification, air net device won the "National Quality Inspection and stability of qualified products" award

force in product development, won a number of authoritative acknowledge

as a research, production and sales listed on the HKEx as one large group, Ze-ho's to water purifiers, air purifiers, dishwashers and water purification supplies core components for the four core businesses. We committed to networking technology, large customer data as the core, to provide users with "all-weather safe drinking water service solutions."

From the beginning, has been to Ho Chak product quality demanding attitude renowned market. Ho Chak Institute has included not only ISO9001: 2015 certified detection or quality management system certification and the international CB certification, the State CCC certification, NSF NSF159 term water quality testing standards and many other domestic and international certification authority. But also include water quality testing, the empty net detection, product features, ozone, water efficiency, noise and so on a number of specialized laboratories, has received third party laboratory certification CNAS and CMA qualification. It is these quality management and quality certification, so that Ho Chak gained market recognition and grow into a leader in the industry today. In addition, Ho Chak also with the well-known universities, Zhejiang University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University established a joint laboratory dedicated to research and industry infrastructure projects.


self service network covering the whole country leads the industry

Ho Chak service to enhance the company's strategic level. Not only self service system covering the whole country, but also for the sales team to standardize training, development of a unified service standards, and strictly control the quality of service; from logistics, on-site survey to installation and after-sales service, ho Chak dedicated to providing every user the solution increases userTrust in the brand and continue to extend the sticky user-Ho-taek products. In addition, Ho Chak still the industry's early intervention brands of networking technology service system. The use of micro-channel public number, APP clients build service platform, linking the brand, operational partners, users and service engineers. Convenient user feedback can at any time demand for services, process control services, but also allows engineers and users timely and effective communication, the initiative seeks caring service.


Ho Chak water purification, air net device won the "national quality and quality of service integrity demonstration enterprise" award

According to 2018 results, to facilitate communication with users, Hao Ze hotline users 400 (365 × 24 hours a day throughout the year) and the end of the micro channel "a key repair." Up to now, Ho Chak service system has achieved full coverage of mainland outlets throughout 31 provinces, 303 cities, 1,882 county-level areas, and has 32 provincial-level logistics and warehousing centers, more than 500 service vehicles and 1578 engineers. It is understood that, in the field of product development and technological innovation, future-Ho-taek will be consistent tradition of rigor, with the "heart stubborn spirit" requires R & D system. With the development of the company's business, dependence on the services of more in-depth, Ho Chak or timely introduction of third-party resources for effective service system supplement.