National concern Zaiyu new water purifier development issues

National concern Zaiyu new water purifier development issues

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consumer demand for high quality of life, growing water pollution, have stimulated the rapid development of water purification industry, more and more people are concerned about this industry. But the hot water purifier industry development, but nowadays also faces some problems to be solved.

home water purifier is accompanied by a new type of home health industry domestic water demand and rapid growth, known as the century's most promising industry, according to the last point of interest in home appliances, water purifier momentum now cover any industry, commentary, want to know, manufacturers, distributors, supermarkets, major media and international water exhibition attracted hundreds of millions of people looking at this industry, water purification industry development speed more It is in full swing.


national concern Zaiyu new water purifier development issues

In fact, the development of water purification industry today, has begun to product specialization, brand direction development, domestic water purifier industry leader is taking shape, and most of the small water purifier business, in fact, difficult.

The reason our water purifier business grow mainly because of the short history of the industry, failure to accurately predict market trends.

Experts believe that the water purification industry development status of SMEs in the short history of the industry related to insufficient precipitation. Business owners lack of experience, operating practices are not familiar with the brand, it can not accurately predict market trends. About a decade ago, when most Chinese water purifier companies are still copying each other, serious product homogeneity when the consumer psychology has quietly changed. Our 90 years of independent research and development of household water purifier brand, integration with the West since the early to understand the law of development of the industry, the development trend of the water purification industry also have an accurate anticipation. But Chinese native water purification industry, face not timely reaction to market changes, the lack of soil to cultivate brand, the majority of businesses fail to adapt to market changes and timely adjust the product. "

water industry professionals believe that," entered the professional market, across the same product, consumers are looking at no interest, how can sales go up? "To meet consumer aesthetic tendencies products, but also by today's consumers.