Ho Chak one thousand business summit held smoothly around the clock to safe drinking water and upgra

Ho Chak one thousand business summit held smoothly around the clock to safe drinking water and upgra

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July 21, the theme of "poly-potential counterparts, the net total business sector," the 2018 Ho Chak Group Limited-1000 business summit held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. From company representatives, customer representatives, experts and scholars, community media to participate in the summit, the highest single screening attendance high.

Ho Chak Group Limited-1000 Business Summit is an important event in the water industry. In recent years, the rapid development of water purification industry, showing a huge market potential. The world's leading market research firm Frost & Sullivan report recently released data show that in 2013 China accounted for using the water purifier penetration rate of only 11.3%, in 2017 this figure increased to 29%, is expected in 2022 will reach 56.3%. In the context of the rapid development of the water purifier market, Ho Chak Group has made very brisk achievements, Frost & Sullivan report, which ranked first in the commercial market share ranking, and far more than second-ranked brand.

the face of fast-growing water purifier market, Mr. Ho Chak Group founder, chairman, president Xiao said at the summit or thousands of suppliers, reiterated the Group's development strategy, noting Hao Ze is an all-weather safety drinking water service solutions provider. Safe drinking water around the clock service, Ho Chak Group, a strategic ground of things from multiple dimensions and service system.


things together hold things together to create the world's fresh water

The business summit or thousands, Ho Chak Group released a cloud of Things NovoOS system. The systems are developed by Hao Ze, Ze-ho independent research and development platform underlying things. Things that platform technology to solve the pain points and other purification products leaking ubiquitous, and has a 24-hour real Unicom, open end of the micro channel characteristics.

as the floor of Things application platform products, and Ho Chak meeting also released six new smart. Among them, the smart things on the home kitchen water filter achieved an important breakthrough in the hot water function, to achieve three seconds out of hot water, that is hot-drink, to reduce the waiting time. Smart thermostat maker perfect design, implement and phone one second interconnect, and has appointment reminders, set holding temperature, length and other intimate function insulation. Smart Uncovery commercial dishwasher has a "clean, fast, intellectual, and more," the four characteristics, is ho-taek's first commercial dishwasher.

Ho Chak Brand Ambassador Mr. Huang Lei as chiefProduct Experience Officer, at the summit to experience the new Ze-ho. Ho Ze things kitchen water purifier having a precise temperature control function, accurate to ensure that the temperature of each. Mr. Huang Lei took that product for the three cups of drinking water at different temperatures, respectively modulated milk, coffee, tea drinks three spectators, convenient experience for him praising Ho Chak nice.


In fact, Ho Chak Group is the first Chinese territory of the Internet of Things technology for water purification services businesses. Several years ago, Ho Chak had the Internet of Things technology into all aspects of product development, logistics, channel development, production and operation. For example Ho Chak water purifier filter has automatic alerts, real-time monitoring of water quality, the initiative to repair equipment and other functions.

The new upgrade of this system of things, Hao Ze from product, channel, production, finance and other sectors to achieve a comprehensive open up the business, operators, users and products closely linked to form a closed loop, create a things water purification new world of the Internet.

service system re-start and win-win co-operators

Ze Hao as a provider of safe drinking water around the clock service solutions company, has a high quality of service requirements. To further deepen the service, Hao Ze reaffirmed "service system re-start" culture, everyone is stressed Services Commissioner, to implement the concept of service to daily decision-making in every aspect. Or thousands of business summit, Ho Chak had full participation "service system re-start" flag presentation ceremony.


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