Household water purifier optional four mounting points must be noted

Household water purifier optional four mounting points must be noted

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Now, the major appliance stores, originally occupied only a small portion of the water purifier gradually take place, with a dedicated sales area. Water purifier manufacturers increasing number of consumers buy water purifier has created some confusion. At the same time, water purifier for installation require a higher, if not installed properly it may be leaking, leakage risk, not only likely to cause property damage, and may even endanger their personal safety.

To this end, the water is easy to remind consumers in the purchase, installation of water purification machines, focus on the following four questions:

Note 1 to consider whether there is sufficient installation location. The main water purifier installed in the kitchen, need to consider body height, thickness, width, and height of the kitchen closet problems purchase. If consumers buy the storage tank type water purifier, there are problems such as hydropower connection. Therefore, consumers in the home decoration, should be considered ahead of the safety of water and electricity connections, to ensure that the risk of leakage will not occur after water purifier installed in place, run electricity.

2. Note that choose to have health permits products. Water purification machine is wading products, before each of the products on the market should be subject to technical supervision departments identified, to ensure water quality and related quality in line with national standards, access to health permit this document, the provincial health department issued before sale.

At present, due to the water industry is still not standardized, some small businesses in order to save costs, without access to health permit this document, or to apply a variety of products namely health documents relating to illegal sales. Consumers should pay attention to check whether to buy water purifier products have health permits, to avoid being taken.

3. Note Select the service good brand. When consumers buy water purifier, you should consider the manufacturers, merchants whether the site installation service capabilities, the ability to provide on-site service to replace the filter.

4. Note Consider filter maintenance costs and ease of installation. Because many brands, different additional functions, different filtration precision, the price difference is also large water purification machines, as low as four or five hundred, up to 89 thousand dollars. Consumers should buy the product and considering the cost of post-use, choose a reliable quality, cost-effective products.