Direct cooling and air-cooled refrigerator minute you understand the advantages and disadvantages of

Direct cooling and air-cooled refrigerator minute you understand the advantages and disadvantages of

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According to the principle, the refrigerator is divided into direct cooling air-cooled refrigerator and freezer, but two specific What is the difference, many people do not know. Today, small series for everyone to talk about the knowledge of direct cooling air-cooled refrigerator and freezer, and I hope everyone in the purchase of the refrigerator, there is some reference help.


points refrigerator direct cooling and air cooling you understand the advantages and disadvantages of both of you? (Picture from the network)

First, the working principle of the difference

principle of direct cooling refrigerator: for cooling by the evaporator, the evaporator in the freezing chamber, direct thermal contact with the inner wall of the freezing chamber exchange. The evaporator plate of an S-shaped cooling tubes, the mechanism of cold air through the conduit compression, so low temperature piping, indirectly reduce the inner wall temperature of the refrigerator through these lines, in order to achieve heat exchange, to gradually reduce the temperature of the refrigerator.

When the refrigerator air encounters the inner wall of low temperature freezer, frost will form on its surface (water vapor cream white crystals, when the temperature is very low water vapor suddenly encountered objects when will condense frost on its surface), which is the root cause of direct cooling refrigerator frost. After the refrigerator frost will affect the efficiency of heat exchange, resulting in decreased cooling capacity, it requires users to manually removed.

principles of the air-cooled refrigerator: the use of air cooling, high temperature air flows through a built-in evaporator (separate from the inner wall of the freezer), since the air temperature is high, a low evaporator temperature, both heat exchange occurs directly, temperature of the air is reduced. Meanwhile, cool air is blown into the refrigerator. Air-cooled refrigerator is through this constant cycle way, to reduce the temperature of the refrigerator. However, there is always water vapor in the air, the water vapor will condense cold, so the refrigerator as long as there is heat exchange, there will be formation of frost.

So, frost gone it? In fact, is not air-cooled frost-free refrigerator, but frost condensation on top of the evaporator, because it is inside the refrigerator, we open the refrigerator door can not be seen directly so aptly called frost-free. After cream for this part, the current mainstream technology is removed by thermal evaporation, when the refrigerator is working period of time (typically 8 hours), suspended cooling refrigerator, defrost heating system. When heated, the frost condensed into water, and then a dedicated exhaust duct (directly or becomes water vapor) through the refrigerator work done automatically, without manual intervention process.

Second, the direct-cool refrigerator four advantages

1, and affordable. In general, since the air-cooled refrigerator works more complicated, as compared to direct cooling refrigerator internal structure is also more complex, and therefore a higher manufacturing cost of the product; In addition, since the internal air flow continues, more air refrigerators easy to form food "odor." Solve food "odor" problem is not difficult, most brands of air-cooled refrigerator are solved by a hierarchical zoned way, but the upshot is to increase the volume and cost of the product. So, on the whole, with the volume of the same brand of air-cooled refrigerator refrigerator cold is generally more expensive than straight.

2, the structure is simple and low failure rate. A relatively simple structure, but also to direct cooling technology is more mature, relatively low direct-cool refrigerator failure rate, we can rarely continuous years of work and worry refrigerator suddenly strike. And, even if the same problem, direct cooling refrigerator maintenance costs and time to be less than the air-cooled refrigerator.

3, good food preservation effect. Direct cooling refrigerator is a refrigerator designed to direct a cooling tube was attached to an evaporator inside or back surface of the refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment, when the evaporator absorbing heat, cooling air closer to the faster cooling tube, whereby the chamber between the refrigerator Natural convection is formed, reducing the temperature of the food, food to reduce the loss of moisture. And because there will be air-cooled refrigerator cold air circulation, the air in the refrigerator will turn the humidity becomes low, some food wrap film or if no crisper isolation, it is easy to dry, and then is dried.

4, noise. Because the need for air-cooled refrigerator fan blows cold air will continue to every corner of the refrigerator, so relatively speaking, the noise will be little more than a large direct-cool refrigerator.

Third, the air-cooled refrigerator four advantages

1, frost-free clean and fresh and peace of mind. Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage is the air-cooled frost-free refrigerator, as to why the frost-free, also explained earlier, and not repeat them here. Air-cooled refrigerator will not be as internal cooling refrigerator is always wet, it will not stick unclear food between each other. Moreover, there will be continuous cycle of air-cooled refrigerator cold, then filtered deodorizer, odor inside will remain fresh and long-lasting, they will not have the kind of pungent "smell refrigerator." In addition, since the air-cooled refrigerator automatically defrost, which can be said to greatly reduce the burden on the user to manually defrost, after all, to defrost the refrigerator, but a live effort, experienced friendsCertainly resonate, air-cooled refrigerator a good solution to this problem.

2, more uniform cooling temperature accurately. Direct cooling air refrigerator freezer In contrast, more precise temperature control. Because there is very easy to direct cooling refrigerator refrigeration dead, after all, the evaporator is attached to the box, so the actual temperature and the temperature inside the refrigerator thermostat whole point of the test compared can vary by several degrees, which can affect the quality of food preservation . The air-cooled refrigerator because the cold air circulation is uniform, so the internal stability relatively more stable and uniform, and therefore will be more accurate temperature reaches a user's needs, which largely make better food preservation effect, and preservation of more time lasting.

3, is clogged with frost, more effort. We can see that by works, because there is air-cooled refrigerator evaporator, defrost and heating system, so frost refrigerator wall is not easy, eliminating the need to manually defrost, more worry and effort.

4, food odor is not easy, more secure. Air-cooled cold air circulating inside the refrigerator, plus hierarchical design partitions, but also bring a benefit that does not lead to food odor. Most brands of air-cooled refrigerator are based on a hierarchical design partitioning, it will bring fresh air, reducing the possibility of food odor, and will greatly reduce bacteria, mold growth risks, enhance food security.

These are the direct cooling air-cooled refrigerators and refrigerator-related introduction, I hope you can help us to better understand the refrigerator Oh!