Haier water purification together with China Telecom to create a -Things + water- a new pattern

Haier water purification together with China Telecom to create a -Things + water- a new pattern

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Recently, Haier Group, a strategic cooperation with China Telecom and the "Internet of Things + water" ecological cooperation signing ceremony held in Beijing, China Telecom general manager, deputy party secretary Kerui Wen, Haier Group President Zhou Yunjie, etc. Both leaders attended the meeting . The two sides around the "new wisdom · New Ecology and new life," the idea of ??cooperation in the fields of drinking water health, finance, logistics, reached a depth of cooperation, work together to build a new model living things wisdom. Among them, the things + healthy drinking water, the two sides will rely on networking technology and a world-class water purification technology together to create the times to lead the public health drinking water solutions for the industry and users to create a new eco-industries.

Based on this strategic cooperation, Haier will provide clean water in 2019, China Telecom office space and 10,000 outlets operating room special customized wisdom drinking water solutions for telecommunications employees and user operating room to provide a healthy and safe drinking water protection, effectively enhance the user experience and employee well-being. It is reported that the two sides have recently landed "Things + water" model of cooperation projects in Qingdao: covering 18 district offices and six business offices, the next step will be to start large-scale replication and promotion in the country.

insight into user pain point customized healthy water solutions "In the past the water does exist a lot of inconvenience and problems, such as colonies exceeded, secondary pollution, ozone residual, thousands of boiling water and other hazards make water quality and safety can not be guaranteed; in addition, equipment, water, maintenance fees, high cost of inputs, and the service mostly untimely "Lacey Branch Qingdao Telecom side said," At present, Haier drinking water for our custom installation. equipment, ensure healthy water but also more peace of mind, save money, but also a more convenient. "It is understood that the cooperation model landed Qingdao Haier water purifier uses its HZR200-5W (ZW) drinking machine on the one hand with four purification and filtration system by reverse osmosis RO membrane technology, the complete removal of dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other hazardous substances, health and safety protection of water quality; on the other hand a large flow designed to meet 10-30 people water demand and achieve a normal temperature, ready to drink hot water that is used, so that each user can always drink hot water. Initiative to create service value based on the best experience to enjoy the full advantages of professional services and deep experience in the field of drinking water, water purification Haier also integrates IOT things together,Cloud platform, big data analysis, users can track service, proactive scheduled maintenance, replacement of filters and other supplies, to provide customers with the whole process of the best drinking water experience. In addition, each drinking water equipment, there is a temperature of contacts, user by scanning the two-dimensional code into the "Haier excellent water" APP, not only can see the country's 1.68 million community water quality at any time, you can enjoy one-stop comfort and convenience of home life, such as access to purchase home appliances, high-quality agricultural products, domestic cleaning, home cleaning and other services.

and quality and reduce costs with one stone two birds spend less money and drink better water in addition to industry-leading product technology and professional services, Haier water purifier things + healthy drinking water program also a strong competitive advantage on operating costs. The latest model of landing Qingdao Lacey telecommunications branch, for example (water extract data for the October 2018 to 12 months, the electricity was essentially flat), the operating room and office area totaling 30 people, the traditional way of drinking water (tap water + vat) year water of about 12,000 yuan, while Haier drinking water equipment by using 3 months, estimated annual water service fee + equipment is about 9952 yuan, you can save 17% of operating costs.

As China's water industry leading brands, Haier water purification rely on global open innovation platform, Tazhun era beats, creating a "+ Things clean water" as a new pattern. This time the water purifier Haier strategic cooperation with China Telecom, will also lead a nationwide basis powerful combination of innovative experience on drinking water, healthy drinking water help new and Ecology landing.

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