Net source- water purifier with you looking at me ......

Net source- water purifier with you looking at me ......

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I have a thousand dollars, you have so much money.

I used the money to buy a water purifier,

Since then drink a good healthy fresh water,

could not troubled water pollution,

no longer have to worry about residual chlorine in the water!

worry about secondary pollution level of the water tower,

to worry about toxic lead pipes and taps,

as well as fake bottled water!

but you could just use the money to eat and drink a meal of it.

I used the money invested in health,

water purifier is my family and in vitro kidney,

because of good water liberated kidney whole family,

no longer have to worry about damage to health due to water pollution,

no longer have to fear because of water pollution in hospital transplant!

water purifier, I am using, you see ......

before without water purifier, feel shining white flowing out of the water very clean. But after a water purifier to spend, especially when a few months later change the filter, completely ruined my Three Views!

If you do not have a water purifier, these impurities bound to drink our stomach, damage the health of the whole family. Spend some money to ensure the health, even if no amount is worth it!

water purifier, I am using, you see ......

water purifier expensive? Ah, quite expensive .

just to get into the parking lot to spend the $ 5 parking fee, do not want to pay parking fees lightly parking, etc. may be the ticket is $ 200, that time is not annoyed!

[ 123] is the same with a water purifier, a total spend two thousand dollars, do not want to spend money, may harm the health of the whole family, but do not lose the greater!

water purifier useful? ah, and one can intercept a lot of water garbage

a year about 2600 mg rust, 10 years is 26 000 mg;! a year about 9600 mg of organic matter (twenty-two pesticides), 10 years is 96 000 mg (2 pounds of pesticides) ; about 500 milligrams of sediment impurities year, 10 years is 5000 mg;

water purifier, I am using, you still do not see until really!The loss of health, and then think of water purifier, it's too late! Lose your health, no amount of value creation is all in vain!

to be healthy, drink well water! In the current increasingly serious water pollution today, net water is the most effective way to solve the drinking good water! do not wait and see, and quickly install water purifier it!

then the water purifier in the end be able to filter what?

general household drinking water purification into pure water and ultrafiltration things two categories

capable of filtering water for every one of those?

净水器6 the core component is a reverse osmosis membrane such filtering:

净水器7 this is the principle of our work is a pure water, a pure physical filtration step is no chemical reagents;

to ensure the quality of water from the source the clean and safe;


our water purifier is a very important branch of ultrafiltration machine and how come it

净水器8? ultrafiltration water purifiers and water for addition to the different electrical components and fourth stage filter, the other filter element are similar;

the role they are similar;

[123 ]

let's see how the core membrane filter is filtered; filter accuracy 净水器9

ultrafiltration water purifier and water purifier has a big gap, so the filter material is also distinguish. 净水器10

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