Industrial wastewater treatment capacity, -stand out- environmental protection enterprises

Industrial wastewater treatment capacity, -stand out- environmental protection enterprises

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industrial wastewater and domestic sewage, which is a greater impact on the environment? No doubt, certainly industrial waste. Although emissions of industrial waste water less than 30% of the total wastewater discharge, but industrial waste water mixed with heavy metals, toxic chemicals, pH, organic matter, oil and other toxic substances, has a complex composition, high concentrations of poisonous and other characteristics, if not by direct discharge would cause great harm to the environment, this harm far more than more than 70% of the total wastewater sewage pollution of the environment.

As my country's industrialization process progresses, all walks of life to flourish, industrial parks are springing up, the amount of industrial waste is also increasing. Enterprises in the waste-water treatment Lou Pai phenomenon is very common, and many of the original masterpiece is now black smelly water.

Recently, many market participants believe that tighter environmental regulation, environmental impact assessment system forward permit system change, environmental protection industrial waste market launch of signs have emerged. It turns out that more and more enterprises pay more attention to parks and good sewage treatment, discharge standards, because the survival of this relationship which its campus, or enterprise, especially in the higher difficulty sewage treatment industries, such as petrochemicals, iron and steel, mining, medicine. Therefore, deep plowing industrial water treatment business or because of environmental technology, experience, strength will come to the fore.

million Banda

As the leading industrial wastewater treatment, based on the coal chemical industry, million Banda in the field of petrochemical industrial water treatment and reuse water, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality sound of water treatment systems solutions and innovative technologies and sustainable development, the "industrial water system doctor" reputation.

This is mainly due million Banda cooperation with universities Beijing Normal University, Tianjin University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other converted waste near-zero emissions and resource key technology research and application projects, but also through mergers and acquisitions beyond Branch has a biological enzyme treatment and other core technologies for expansion in the petrochemical, coking and coal chemical industry, water treatment and other industries in the business environment has played a positive role in promoting, but also greatly enhance its market competitiveness.

million Banda study "gravity reactor strengthen ozone (Advanced) oxidation process" highlights the unique advantage of this technology in the treatment of coking waste water, coal chemical production waste water, the development of the "Improving biodegradability biochemical removal of COD + "," + ozonation precipitation "technique, such as efficient and practical route, difficult dropToxic and hazardous waste treatment solution, the transformation of the old wastewater treatment plant mentioned standard provides technical support.

in the field of coal chemical zero-emission high saline proposed technical constraints from the perspective of the whole process, one by one for tackling key issues presented for different regions, different industries in a variety of high salinity water quality pre-conditions combination treatment process, can efficiently remove calcium and magnesium hardness, silica, COD and other indicators limits laid a foundation for the open discharge process high salinity zero; the same time a large number of different suitability for the rear end of the concentration process of the film basic research, the actual operation of full field operation, highly targeted sets of proposed membrane concentration process scheme.

days Bo Bo-day environment environment

come from behind in revenue by 2015, second only to industrial water treatment million Banda, became a rookie in the field of industrial water treatment. 2016, Bo-day environment with a wealth of project experience, to build a number of benchmarking project. Such as the construction of Yulin Yankuang million tons / year indirect coal liquefaction demonstration project, a breakthrough high concentration of salt wastewater near-zero emissions bottleneck.

In the biochemical unit project, using Potier environment OAAO + MBR process water by multi-point and multi-point reflux embodiment, full use of the carbon source in the effluent; complementary base consumed aerobic reactor degree. At the same time, the mixture was refluxed MBR membrane pool to the front aerobic tank, make full use of the pool of dissolved oxygen membrane, reducing the amount of diffused aeration and operation and maintenance costs.

unit in the brine, using patented Potier environment -Hi-SOT ozone oxidation technology. This technique is a clean and efficient advanced oxidation technology, the gradient composite oxidation means, an oxidizing agent and a synergistic combination of efficient catalysts, and greatly improve the efficiency of ozone oxidation efficiency, significantly improve the biodegradability of the waste water, to reduce investment costs and operating costs .

In the pretreatment zero-emission systems, the selection of a proprietary environment BoTian filtered micro hard MCR + + weak acid cation bed technology in addition to carbon, the water hardness is less than 0.5mg / L, silicon less than 20ppm, to ensure subsequent system operation safety, two-stage membrane system was concentrated, to achieve 80% yield water reuse, the concentration of water evaporated into the crystallization apparatus. Meanwhile, evaporative crystallization devices using thermal vapor recompression (TVR), effective utilization of waste steam plant, reducing investment system; compared with single-effect evaporation, steam energy savings of 60%.

as well as desulfurization waste water treatment plant in Shandong Jingbo Hengfeng project in May 2016 successfully crystallized salt, which is the use of membrane concentration desulfurization wastewater treatment process engineering example the first set, but also near-zero emissions power plant desulfurization waste water field a major breakthrough.


revenue to billions of Suez one of the four strategic priorities have industrial water treatment business. March 2017, Suez acquired the GE Water. Suez main municipal, and industrial water treatment, compared with GE Water. GE Water Suez adding to overnight become a leader in industrial water treatment industry. After the acquisition, Suez will set up a professional industrial water treatment business unit, both powerful combination will show the effect of greater than 2.

April 11, Solvay peroxide global business unit and Suez China decided to cooperate in the wastewater treatment market, ozone / hydrogen peroxide system and UV / hydrogen peroxide system and other advanced oxidation technology basis, enabling providing innovative wastewater treatment solutions. Such advanced oxidation process can produce particles for many molecular effects, in particular refractory to the COD contained in the wastewater. And because the technology does not cause such a stepwise movement of pollutants, it does not produce a lot of harmful sludge.

June 7, Suez and the newly created National Aviation Industrial Base in Xi'an Investment and Development Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to provide electroplating wastewater treatment services to Xi'an Air Base. This is a newly created Suez in the electroplating industry first project of sewage treatment business, marking its sewage treatment business to expand this new field of electroplating industry.