CCTV Financial- Henan pharmaceutical companies conceal pollution caused by a number of villagers liv

CCTV Financial- Henan pharmaceutical companies conceal pollution caused by a number of villagers liv

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December 25, 2014, I Taiwan news channel reported the detection of antibiotics in Nanjing residents of the home water at a concentration higher than the natural water thousands of times, to remind the world attention to the discharge of garbage pharmaceutical companies again. I believe many people like me, hated to such pollution incidents. Because these wanton sewage plants, resulting in groundwater, air pollution have been a serious threat to the health and safety of residents in the vicinity. . Not long ago, CCTV Financial "economic half-hour" correspondent in the town of Nanyang County in Henan Province, found a very strange phenomenon. 央视:河南多家药厂隐蔽排污致村民生活困难孕妇逃离 央视:河南多家药厂隐蔽排污致村民生活困难孕妇逃离

villagers every family closed the door drinking water turbid

Here is the County town of Nanyang in Henan Liu Yingcun Jiaoxiang big, when we come to this village They found almost every house is the door closed, this one even driving a heavy sound, entertain themselves at home, do not open the door. This is exactly what causes it

Jiaoxiang County town of Nanyang in Henan villagers:? Oh, smell that smells to all sick. Very unpleasant.

County town of Nanyang in Henan villagers Jiaoxiang: can not wait for them to come out, come out and are blinded. Pollution is too bad, and I have been particularly choking smell, not to mention that child. They did not dare come out, shut the door, and smoked Why do not people smoked.

Villagers told reporters Xunde smell afraid to go out

The villagers told reporters that their village is now no sign of life, afraid to open the door, afraid to open the window, ten years ago the slack season, The villagers often go out going on everyday, now it is almost invisible. Because if they aspire to encounter this wind blowing, standing outside, people hardly get out of gas.

Even if the door is closed every day, large Liu Yingcun villagers still suffer.

Jiaoxiang County town of Nanyang in Henan villagers: something wrong with my throat.

Reporter: voice faulty, what's wrong with

Villagers:? That is what is bronchitis, pharyngitis what this doctor said, the doctor said that, with the same voice pierced that voice will swallow a saliva swallow.

Nanyang County town Jiaoxiang villagers: hemiplegia. Yes, four or five light on this one.

Reporter:? You Shabing

County town of Nanyang in Henan SuburbsMan: I'm hemiplegia.

villagers told reporters that live here, they are particularly stuck. Every day from morning to night, from night to day pollution, so they simply have nowhere to hide. And in particular, let them worry about groundwater contamination.

County town of Nanyang in Henan villagers Jiaoxiang: milk is salty groundwater fight, drink that water is bitter.

Villagers told reporters that their groundwater is salty, it makes them feel scared. This sentiment also exists to varying degrees in some nearby village. In tangzhuang Zhenping Jiaoxiang, the reporter once again saw a similar situation. The villagers here say, because of contaminated groundwater village, they did not dare eat the water.

reporters are visiting the homes of villagers kettle of

Jiaoxiang County town of Nanyang in Henan Province villagers Zhang Li: eat not. Boil, after they clear out a finger so thick.

CCTV Financial "economic half-hour" Reporter:? What ah

Li Zhang: scale.

in front of reporters, Li Zhang add a half pot of water, boil a test on the spot. Soon, Li Zhang boil the water. In particular, he explained that, based on experience, this just a little water to boil down a little bit, you can see it different.

Li Zhang: you look. This is the circle of white.

Reporter: What is the white circle you know

Li Zhang:?? Who knows what this thing is, anyway, ah?. So long as a boil water, you look underneath. To become so.

Reporter: This ring, every time you burn are so

Li Zhang:? This is kind.

villagers to experiment boil water with a ring of white

said Zhang Li, a close look at this pot of water, just above the white circle, there is a layer of oil, below a layer of white scum . Afterward, the reporter tasted the taste of water.

Li Zhang:? Is not Salty

Reporter: salty.

A little later, Li Zhang old man with just cooked in water, and brush around the pot, this brush does not matter, the pot of water is muddy unbearable.

Li Zhang: just like batter, and just as a plane. Cheng again for a whileChildren under into a lump.

Reporter: Do you see now has become.

Nanyang County town Jiaoxiang villagers: into a lump.

Correspondent: Well, this is certainly harmful to the human body should it

Villagers:? You do not think Zeneng harm, certainly harmful.

So, the villagers of groundwater Why would this happen? In this regard, the villagers said, which is related to pharmaceutical next.

pharmaceutical companies less than 1,000 meters from the village of pregnant women went to the field to be produced

villagers told reporters, from their village, less than 1,000 meters where a company called Nanyang Topcon Pharmaceutical Co., the company's business, the company in the town of Nanyang City and County has two production bases, mainly the production of antibiotics, biological Shenghua Yao, agents and other products. The villagers told us that the impact of this on their pharmaceutical companies is comprehensive, and even affect the health of pregnant women. For contaminated pharmaceutical companies, and many times they are unbearable to report, nothing can every time. Now, the villagers in order to ensure the safety of the next generation, even the children are afraid to life in the village.

County town of Nanyang in Henan villagers Jiaoxiang: first lived elsewhere, giving birth to come back.

Reporter: giving birth to come back

Villagers:? Ah.

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