How secondary water purifiers renewal rate of over 95%-Ho-taek won the reputation of the user-

How secondary water purifiers renewal rate of over 95%-Ho-taek won the reputation of the user-

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With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more high quality requirements for drinking water, water purifier gradually into people's lives. Ho Chak water purifier company's interim results released in 2018 showed that in the first half of this year the company share-type water purifier customer renewal rate of more than one year 95.2%, fully demonstrated the high loyalty of its users.

Ho Chak water purifier to provide shared services for the characteristics, the user must pay an annual fee to get clean water service. Faced with fierce competition in the water purifier market, Ho Chak been able to attract long-term users select Ho Chak water purifier, with its excellent product quality and service are inseparable.

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purifier increased permeability over three percent do not know the user want to change the filter element

Currently, as people become increasingly concerned about safe water, our water purifier penetration rate is increasing. According to well-known global research firm Sullivan released data show that in 2013 the use of water purifiers penetration accounted for only 13.4%, but by 2017 this figure had increased to 21.7%, by 2020 China is expected to penetration of water purifiers accounting for up to 37.9%. It can be found in my country's huge market potential water purifier.

Although more and more people began to use a water filter, but there are still many users do not know the correct usage of water purifier. Ministry CCID Research Institute released "air purifier water purifier Consumer Guide" that the water purifier filter replacement is to use the consumer's "blind spot" over three percent users do not know the water purifier filter need to be changed regularly, nearly forty percent of users I do not know how long the water purifier filter needs to be replaced once, almost half of the users will not operate due unclear purchase channels, the price can not be replaced periodically because of higher water purifier filter.

This industry experts point out, as a core component of the water purifier, the filter must be replaced. "Extended service" if the water purifier filter can not be replaced, not only from the filtration and purification, will form a "secondary pollution" cause harm to humans.

excellent product quality and service become a water purifier user "demand"

and refrigerators, television sets and other home appliances, "Deal or No Deal" is different from the product category Water Purifier greater emphasis on continuity of service, it will not only affect the consumer experience, and will also cause safety problems of drinking water. In the backgroundUnder, excellent product quality and service has become the people to choose water purifier brand of primary consideration. Ho Chak water purifier is the early entry into the enterprise market, and listed in Hong Kong in 2014. Ho Chak financial results in recent years, since the market renewal secondary corporate users rate has remained at a high of 95%. It found that Hao Ze was able to get user acceptance sustained, precisely because of its foot work in terms of product quality and service.

From the product perspective, for the user should not know when to replace the filter, the filter is not clear purchasing channels and other issues, Ho Chak innovation in products, such as Ho Chak through proactive monitoring filter life cycle, to provide a filter reminded of the initiative to come and replace the filter service, so that users do not have to consider replacing the filter and maintenance, and other troublesome thing with peace of mind at ease. According to reports, Ho Chak already has more than 500 patents related to its product development can not be ignored.

From the service perspective, Hao Ze is rare in the industry with import and sale of water purification business team, to provide users with a standardized service. Ho Chak 2018 interim results show that after-sales service network throughout the country Hao Ze more than 2,100 cities and counties town, engineers, super service system 1500, covering more than 32 provincial-level logistics and warehousing center.

believe that as people focus on safe drinking water and enhance the awareness of water purifier to Ho Chak representative of a group of product quality and service quality known enterprises will get more consumers , water purifier will become an integral part of daily life.

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