Acting water purifiers usher in a new opportunity

Acting water purifiers usher in a new opportunity

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authoritative media and agencies noted that the next decade China's water purifier market growth is mainly concentrated in the four-tier cities market. On the one hand with the upgrading of a second-tier cities operating costs, to a certain extent, restricted the expansion of urban consumption, extend; on the other hand, compared to the third and fourth tier cities, e-commerce is also accelerating seize a home appliance share of second-tier cities. As the new darling of home water purifier is no exception, with the accelerated pace of urbanization, three, four-city water purifier consumer market will show a vigorous development scene.

First, the worsening water pollution

reported that the Ministry of Water Resources recently released data show that China reservoir source water quality is not up to 11%, for lake water quality is not up to approximately 70% groundwater source water quality is not up to approximately 60%. National groundwater generally "poor water quality." Ministry of Water Resources in 2015 for distribution in the Songliao Plain, the North China Plain, Shanxi and Northwest basins and plains, Jianghan 2103 groundwater wells were monitored, the monitoring results show that: IV class water 691, accounting for 32.9%; V class water 994, accounting for 47.3%, the two together accounting for 80.2%. It is worth noting: IV class water mainly for general industrial water areas and recreational water area non-direct contact with the human body, it is no longer suitable for human consumption. Class V is even more serious water pollution, it also means that over eighty percent of groundwater contamination threat.

Second, the rapid economic development

since 2012 to speed up the country's high-speed rail network construction decision, the state of economic development in the four-tier cities continued to attach great importance to the economy showing leaps and bounds, coupled with recent years to speed up the process of urbanization, three or four lines of urban residents living standards have generally improved. The first-tier cities to bring the return of consumer attitudes and spending habits of the population also greatly stimulate the consumption of water purifier market, the four-tier cities is no longer a stumbling block water purification industry, as many water purification agents to join fight over meat and potatoes.

Third, the water purifier popular


there is a second-tier mainstream water purifier market in a very long period of time to locate noble luxury. With innovative water purification technology to reduce production costs, and now the water purifier prices gradually civilians, 2000-5000 occupy the mainstream market water purifier, water purifier has gradually become a popular product every household can buy from. Net of civiliansWater is the price of products to enter the four-tier cities market to create the conditions, which is why these two water purifiers gradually began to be widely accepted four-tier cities where residents.

Fourth, improve health awareness


rapid economic improvement, the four-tier cities continued deterioration of the water environment, people's health awareness gradually increase. Rapid economic development, residents of the requirements of the standard of living getting higher and higher, people have enough economic to buy water purification products; on the other hand, with the rapid economic rise, three or four lines of urban water environment has also suffered tremendous destruction, stream fish throughout the year in emissions of a large number of industrial and agricultural waste water and domestic sewage, clear water becomes muddy, people's drinking water safety also suffered varying degrees of threat, and the current water purifier is to protect the residents of drinking water secure the most effective means.