Get together behind the name change is a collective anxiety traditional household electrical applian

Get together behind the name change is a collective anxiety traditional household electrical applian

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Following the "Hisense Electric" was renamed "Hisense Video" and also announced a home appliance company changed its name. January 13, TCL Group announced that the "TCL Group Co., Ltd." changed to "TCL Technology Group Co., Ltd.", while the corresponding stock short changed "TCL science and technology", the English referred to as "TCL TECH".

It is understood that industrial restructuring is TCL Group changed its name to one of the main TCL Technology Group, the new name more emphasis on the characteristics of high-tech industries, more in line with the status quo TCL business.

In recent years, many household electrical appliance enterprises have changed its name, the continuous expansion of business boundaries, from single to multiple, trying to integrated enterprise transformation. Earlier, "Haier" was renamed "Chi Haier Home", "Skyworth Digital" was renamed "Skyworth Group", and last month, "Hisense Electric" has officially changed its name to complete.

get together behind the name change, to some extent, is the traditional home appliance business this stage of deep anxiety appliance market and a positive response. 5G speed up the arrival of the era, let the appliance industry in 2019 and then turmoil, all household electrical appliance enterprises are beginning to embrace the positive things, competition among consumer electronics companies also turned into an ecological competition by the competition of a single product, using a competitive scene. In this "intelligent, interconnected, ecological," a new track, a new Internet players to show amazing creativity and the rule of force, indeed, the traditional home appliances business, "Alexander the pressure."

In this TV segments, on the emergence of a number with a new concept of cross-border players, they continue to play down the "television" category, replace it with "wisdom screen" or other eligible future the new species trends. When the TV is no longer "television" when the game turned when the stock rose dimension of competition when the traditional household electrical appliance enterprises accumulated over the years the brand had faded, as we mentioned TCL will naturally think of television, that the "TV" If you do not it? a brand can represent a category, we say that the brand was a success, but a brand represents a category, then it probably is a failure.

by the name change, in favor of these traditional household electrical appliance enterprises to get rid of "traditional industries" stereotype, to win more users in the future in the context of the new generation of the Internet, at the same time, a healthy, positive, accurate enterprise the new name also stressed the positioning and direction of the company to the outside world, is changingCompetition initiative will be just the right magic unpredictable market firmly in his hand.

"Chi Haier Home", "Skyworth Group," "Hisense video" "TCL Technology Group", the new name is clearly more ambitious in business concept, brand strategy, eco extension, more importantly, these renamed after the companies are also releasing a signal to the capital market and the consumer market, that is, we are a comprehensive one, there are many levels, there is the future of technology.

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