Diseases caused by unclean water purifier guard your health

Diseases caused by unclean water purifier guard your health

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With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's health awareness is also growing, the concept of healthy drinking water has become infiltrated people, water purifier by more and more attention. However, there will always be thinking, "water purifier useful?" At the time of purchase of such a question, "water purifier suitable in the end it does not apply?" Appears, because we still recognize the importance of clean water deep enough for our current drinking water situation is also not very understanding.

In our daily lives, many of my friends will have more or less gastrointestinal diseases, many times, we all think that these problems are poor diet, indigestion caused by overeating, which appeared in gastrointestinal diseases, so for pay more attention to diet. However, according to authoritative survey shows that improper drinking water can also cause gastrointestinal disease, this is very worthy of our attention. In addition the following unsafe drinking water can also cause serious damage to our bodies:

1, resulting in kidney burden, the decline in renal function leading to kidney failure, severe kidney transplant to be.

2, cells decreased quality of raw materials, decreased immune function.

3, the body reduces sensitivity to environmental change, the ability to drop from harm.

We usually after drinking tap water generally boil water but mostly chlorinated in the presence of trihalomethanes, chloroform and other disinfection by-products is 500 times the risk of cancer. The residual chlorine in tap water will destroy the vegetables, fruits and vitamins, will enter the body through the skin, prolonged excess chlorine will erode our skin, and greatly improving the body the cancer risk of illness. Senior secondary water supply, is more likely to occur dead animals, bacteria, etc., serious harm to our health.

Now, just install a water purifier at home, it can effectively solve the problem of drinking water. A water purifier and garbage a year how much virus can intercept? Rust year about 2600 mg, is 26 000 mg of 10; about 9600 mg organics year (about 0.2 pounds of pesticides), 10 years is 96 000 mg (about 2 pounds of pesticides). Imagine if there is no water purifiers, health hazards of these things will enter our bodies, over time, your body will be very healthy?